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It can be the first reaction of many people to toss a sign that is in need of work, but when it comes to having repair for a damaged vinyl banner the possibilities are endless.    And why toss away valuable advertising when some simple time and creativity can be used to get these signs to work for their job longer.

Assess The Repair Needed For A Damaged Vinyl Banner

First figure out exactly what is in need of fixing on the sign.  There are some ways to get a little more life out of it without sending it in first.  There are other things that are best to let a professional work with.  Being able to repair damaged vinyl banners are often not very pricey and keep these signs working for a business or family function longer.  Because they are so easy to store and weather proof it's always a great option to do whatever can be necessary to keep them around longer.  If it's the rings for hanging and displaying the sign, or the outer edging it can be wise to send it in.  If there are large tears again, it's best to send it in.  If it's a minor rip patching at home may work

Sending A Banner In

Often people hesitate at sending something in to get fixed and they shouldn't.  A quality, professionally made sign deserves a professional repair.  These types of fixes will last longer in the end and keep the life of the sign for the business or function longer.  A good fix can also prevent other damage from happening on occasion.  Perhaps sending the sign in can alert the professionals to the fact that there are some other spots on the sign, perhaps where it's being hung that could benefit from some maintenance.

Shipping it in can be a lot easier than most people anticipate and therefor shouldn't be avoided.  A simple cardboard box or tube can work very well because the vinyl makes the banner easy to roll and store.  If it needs to be done in a hurry chose a shipping option that makes sense and ask the company fixing it to do the same. 

The bottom line is to remember this banner is an investment and should be treated as such.  In that manner of thinking tossing it out is like throwing money out the door.   The best way to deal with all sorts of minor aches and pains is to have repair done to the damaged vinyl banner.