You have been married for a while and it starts to feel like forever. You feel you need a break. You wake up thinking that you no longer recognize the person lying next to you. It might be time to repair your marriage with massage therapy. You've heard a lot of people say that marriage has its ups and downs. You now feel that your marriage has more downs than ups. You need to repair your marriage with massage therapy so that you can get up ups than downs.

The feeling of losing your marriage can linger on to the point that you might want to put an end to your marriage. The sad thing about a divorce is that it can be disappointing and depressing to throw away so many years of marriage. If you take the time to repair your marriage, you might still be able to make things work. Marriage is an investment and the longer you have been at it, the harder it will be to walk away from it. A lot of couples have tried to repair their marriage by going on vacation or going for counseling. You can try to repair your marriage with a little bit of massage therapy. The great thing about this is that you will not be spending your money on counseling. Why is this important? How do you go about it?

Why Massage Therapy Is Important to Repairing Your Marriage

When couples start having problems in their marriage, the first thing to go is communication. The less you communicate with your spouse the harder it will be to repair your marriage and any broken link. As time goes by, you start to feel resentment and every little thing might begin to irritate you. Another problem with marital issues is physical and emotional separation. That is not to say you no longer live in the same house, it just means you no longer touch each or get physically intimate. It is amazing how sex can diffuse a lot of tension in a marriage. There are those who say that sex in not everything in a marriage. However, how many marraiges have falled beyond the point of repair due to sex? That is what Massage therapy can do to repair your marriage. Once you reduce the tension through massage therapy, you can easily relax and talk about important issues. Massage therapy is a way to make your spouse happy

and repair your marriage.

The power of touch is great and can help repair your marriage. You don't have to go to a massage therapist to achieve this. You have the possibility to massage each other. The more physical contact you have with your spouse, the better you will be able to communicate with him or her. The wonderful thing about giving your spouse a massage is that it cost little and can save you paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to a divorce lawyer. Remember, divorce lawyers are not always after your well being and they are not their to help you repair your marriage. You should plan your massage therapy and take the time to make the most of the moment spent together. This is not about romance but about relaxation and aiming to repair your marriage. It might be mechanical at first but that will not ruin the benefit you derive. Massage therapy can do wonders to your marraige if you take the time.

How Do You Repair Your Marriage with Massage Therapy?

If you have been having tensions in your marriage, it might feel awkward letting someone that irritates you lay his hands on you. You need to try to put your emotions aside and concentrate and what you want to achieve throuh massage therapy: repair your marriage.

You can ask or tell your spouse you will like to give him or her a massage therapy. You will be met with a little surprise and apprehension (try to strangle me). You should also tell your spouse that it is no string attached and that you think it will be beneficial in helping your repair your marriage. If you are a man offering this to your wife, she might think you are planning to get lucky. Even if that is the case, at least you will be giving something in return. Massage therapy should be an unselfish exercise.

If you spouse is reluctant, be a little persuasive if you truly intend to repair your marrage through massage therapy. Be honest about what you plan to achieve. You want to use the moment to repair your marriage and open the lines of communication. If this is also the goal of your spouse, you shouldn't have to try too hard to get your spouse on board.

You could apply this technique in getting your wife to relax and be stress free through massage therapy. The same principle can be applied by wives to massage and relax their husbands. Important points to bear in mind:

  • Invite your spouse for a message therapy

  • Be willing to give and be honest in an effort to repair your marriage.

  • During the massage, be calm and communicate openly

  • Don't accuse but tell your spouse what you feel and want

  • Plan your massage therapy and do it regularly

  • Be determine to make things work between you and your spouse

  • Try to maintain regular physical contact with your spouse. It does not always have to end with sex

  • Don't be too busy for sex. If need be, plan sex and go through the motion. Going through the motion relieves tension and it is better than nothing.

  • Think of massage therapy as an alternative to a divorce lawyer

  • Always be positive and think of ways to repair your marriage and make it work.