Any house that you live in for an extended period of time is likely to end up with a hole in the drywall eventually. Many different things can cause the holes, but thankfully it is easy enough to repair them once they are there. While repairing drywall may seem like a complicated project, just about any home owner should be able to accomplish it with ease!

The first thing you need to do is consider how big the hole in your drywall is. Larger holes will require a different method to repair them than smaller holes. Neither methods are particularly complicated, but small holes are certainly must faster to repair.

Repairing small holes in drywall

To repair a small hole in your drywall you will need a tub of drywall putty, a putty knife, sand paper, primer, and paint. Before you can begin the repair, you must first prepare the hole. You can do this by removing the damaged drywall that will interfere with the repair. The edge of a putty knife is useful for this process. Just don't get carried away and remove more drywall than you really need to!

With a clean hole to work with, add drywall putty to seal it up. Use your putty knife to scrape off any excess putty. While it might seem advantageous to leave a little extra putty behind, it will only make your work harder later on.

After the putty has had a sufficient amount of time to dry you can sand down the surface. If you are satisfied with the result you can move on to the next step. If not, apply a second coat of putty and sand it down once it has dried. Simply prime and paint the area to complete your drywall repair!

Repairing large holes in drywall

In addition to a putty knife, sand paper, primer, and paint, you will also need a drywall repair kit and joint compound. Just like repairing a small hole, you will need to remove any damaged drywall before you can begin the repair process.

Drywall repair kits are an inexpensive way to repair larger holes in your walls. Inside of the package you will find some type of tape, most likely a fiberglass mesh variety. You will also find a thin piece of metal that can easily be cut with a pair of scissors. This metal will actually serve as an effective patch for the hole. Grab your scissors and cut out a piece that fits into your hole.

In order to get the metal to stay in place you will need to cover it with the mesh tape that was included in the drywall repair kit. Use your putty knife to apply a thin coating of joint compound over the mesh tape. You will need sand the joint compound smooth after it has dried. Repeat this process up to two more times, each time feathering the joint compound 2 inches further than the last layer. Make sure to use a small amount of joint compound in order to keep the area looking flat!

Tip: For each layer of joint compound that you apply increase the size of your putty knife a few inches. This will produce a much cleaner, smoother surface when you have completed your drywall repair.