Repairing A Taco 007 Circulator Pump

Repairing A Taco 007 Circulator Pump, can be accomplished with little effort. This apparatus is used to circulate heated water through a hydronic piping system, providing the number one rated heat source in use today. Hot water heating systems, provide the warmth to a home. They make comfort during harsh winter conditions possible under even the most extreme conditions.

Taco 007 Circulator pumps are a cartridge type pump. They are internally lubricated and require zero maintenance once installed. They do however, like any mechanical appliance, break down on occasion. Repairing one of these pumps can easily be accomplished by the average homeowner with basic tools like a set of allen wrenches and channel lock pliers. Open ended wrench's will be needed if the flange gaskets are leaking.

If the pump has stopped circulating, the first thing to do is make sure the zone is not air bound. This will prevent circulation as the pump will lose it's prime and airlock. Purging the system should be attempted to remove any air from the zone and see if the pump works after this operation is completed.

If the motor is not turning, a cartridge replacement cartridge will be required. New cartridges can be purchased from any of the larger home improvement stores like home depot or Lowe's. Also any plumbing supply House will carry replacement cartridges for these pumps.

Shutting down the system electrically is recommended before working on any system. Also allow the system time to cool off to prevent any scalding possibilities thus avoiding possible injury.

Locate the isolation valves for the pump your working on and shut them off to work on the pump. Next locate the four allen head screws that hold the pump housing to the base. These are normally allen screws but some older models will have hex head bolts.

Once the four screws are out the assembly will split in two and removing the cartridge housing will reveal the cartridge inside. Slide the old unit out and slide in the replacement. Use the new gasket that comes with the kit and replace the housing onto the pump body. Hand start the four bolts back into place and tighten evenly with your allen or hex head wrench.

Once you have everything tight, open your isolation valves and check the job for leaks. If all is dry your all set. Turn your electrical power back on. Make sure the thermostat for the zone in question is calling and check your pipes to make sure everything is working properly.

The next repair that Taco circulator pumps may require is a leaking flange gasket. These pumps are installed within the piping system with cast iron or bronze flanges that are tightened together with two bolts each. Inside the flange connections is a rubber circulator gasket. These gaskets tend to break down over time and a leak can result. Fixing any leak immediately upon observing it is imperative as any leaks will reduce the lifespan of the boiler and other main components.

Flange For Taco 007 PumpStarting out in the same way as our previous repair, shut off the electrical power and allow the system to cool. Make sure you have two new Taco Circulator gaskets on hand. Locate the isolation valves for the zone in question and shut them off to isolate the pump. Remove the bolts one flange at a time. This way the one thats still tight, will keep the pump stable while you work on it.

After removing the two bolts from one flange, a screwdriver can be used to separate the two flanges. Scrape the old gaskets off both sides of the connection, install the new gaskets and reinsert your flange bolts.

Make sure to tighten the bolts alternating as you go. it is imperative that they be snugged down evenly to avoid leaks. After one side is complete, repeat the operation with the second flange. After all four bolts are secure you can open the isolation valves and turn the power on to the system. Check around both repaired flanges for any leaks and re tighten the bolts if any are observed.

Homeowners can spend a large portion of their maintenance budget on heating repairs. If a few things can be accomplished without calling the repair man, then thats a good thing. The pump can also be replaced in the same way that the repair was performed. The wiring must be switched from the old pump to the new pump and other then that your done.

Buying a new Taco 007 circulator pump will cost about 30 percent more then a new cartridge so this repair for some will automatically just be a replacement. Some will opt to do the lessor repair and be done with it. The benefit of buying a whole new pump is just that, when your done you have a whole new pump. Some people will just figure it's worth the few extra bucks. Gift Card in a Greeting Card (Various Designs)
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