Fix Cracked Iphone

There is nothing worse than needing to replace an iphone glass because you dropped your iphone 4. But luckily there are quite a few options to help you get your shattered iphone 4 screen replaced. Let's face it accidents happen.

Recently I was walking back from my car to my house and I dropped my iphone and it shattered the glass screen. These screens aren't shatter proof though they are made out of crystal scratch proof glass.

I laugh about the scratch resistant attribute to the iphone4 because guess what, I had some scratches on there before I dropped it too. So I'm going to go out on a limb and say iphones are not scratch resistant. But by the time I dropped my phone I couldn't even see my screen. So forget about scratch resistant - I just wanted to get my screen FIXED. I couldn't even see it.

Thankfully, my iphone still works though. And for a couple of days that's all I cared about. But shattered or cracked phone screens are dangerous especially where there is apparently glass coming out of the screen – like mine.

Iphone 4 Screen Shattered

We'll talk about the many options from going to the Apple store to actually purchasing an iphone glass repair kit. But why do that when you can get your iphone screen replaced for free.

 Let's go through the free to the most expensive options to replace your shattered, cracked or broken iphone 4 screen. I was desperate because I certainly wasn't going to wait until the iphone 5 came out to replace my broken screen. I was out of warranty and my upgrade option wasn't coming for another 4 months.

 How To Get Your Shattered Iphone Fixed for Free:

  1. Make an Appointment at the Genius store: Make sure you make an appointment first. The biggest disappointment you could ever possibly have is walking into Apple and trying to get your broken screen repaired and a Genius turning you away. So make an appointment.

  2. Take your Iphone 4 in and Explain what Happened: Don't make up stuff. Tell the truth, they can help you better. And if your phone still works all the better. Take any lectures about the importance of having a case. You'll likely get the lecture. Suck it up. The Apple store has a courtesy program where they can often replace your broken or shattered Iphone4 for free, you might likely get a new Iphone or a refurbished one as an option too. They'll likely put you in the system because this swapping out your screen or phone is a ONE time courtesy.

  3. Say thank you – Buy the screen protector so you never have to complain about a shattered iphone4 screen again.

 Not So Free Iphone Cracked Screen Replacements

 Amazon and other retailers online often have iphone screen repair kits that can get your iphone4 screen replaced easily. Remember to try the free option first and then if you still can't get a screen replacement opt for buying a screen kit.

 Remember needing to replace an iphone glass when it's cracked isn't the end of the world, sometimes you can get it down for free or very cheaply.