Combi is short for combination.  This type of boiler is considered to be one of the most efficient available and it is a great space saver.  Most new heating systems will use a combi boiler due to their size and efficiency.  

The main benefit with a combi boiler is that there is no requirement for hot water to be stored anywhere, so hot water cylinders will not be needed.  They are combination boilers because they can heat both the hot water and run a central heating system and for many people they are of real benefit. 

No Hot Water Storage

The combi boiler can be set up in the kitchen or in a utility room and a great deal of space can be saved.  Neither hot nor cold water need to be stored in the house. Simply heating the hot water as it is needed means that there is a lot of money to be saved by installing this type of boiler. 

Those who have a hot water tank will know the importance of keeping it properly insulated.  Jackets for the tank need to be fitted in order to stop as much heat as possible from escaping.  Unfortunately, while this does work, it is impossible to stop all the heat from escaping. 

If the heat escapes then the system is working harder to keep the water in the tank at a constant temperature.  This will then lead to a rise in energy bills and the homeowner is paying to heat the same water over and over again.  As the cost of energy is steadily rising anyway it is a good idea to look at the long term needs of the family and plan accordingly so that expenditure is kept to a minimum.   

More Efficient

Heating and hot water can account for as much as 60% of energy bills, so opting for the most energy efficient boiler can make a real difference.  Some homeowners may notice a saving of as much as £300 each year.   It can also be an environmentally friendly option as emissions of carbon dioxide can be reduced too.  As many people are becoming more environmentally aware this is a real bonus.    

Newer boilers are condensing boilers, so are more efficient.  They are fitted with a larger heat exchanger so that there is a reduction in the amount of heat which is lost through the flue, more heat stays within the system so that the system does not need to work as hard and this also helps to keep energy bills as low as possible.

Lower Installation Costs

Installation of a combi boiler is also considered to be far easier than with other systems.  This means that the installation cost is lower as there are fewer long pipe runs to fit to and from the hot water tank.

The hot water which is delivered to the tap will be at the same pressure as the mains.  This means that those who have power showers will not see any reduction in pressure.  In addition to this, maintenance is minimal when compared with other systems. 

There are fewer components involved and as the boilers are more efficient to begin with, homeowners should notice a reduction in the amount of money that is needed to keep them going.   This is a long-term investment which should start paying for itself straight away and the whole family will benefit from it.     

Add a Gas Fire

Combine your new boiler with a modern gas fire in your fire place. Gas fires allow you to use your current features, reduce draughts and give you the hypnotic effect of an open fire without any of the mess or hassle of burning wood or coal.