Even portable basketball hoops sometimes need worn out backboards to be replaced, along with the rims of the hoop. Depending on which replacement basketball backboards for portable basketball hoops you're looking to replace, the price range can really vary. If you're looking to just replace a 44 inch basketball acrylic backboard, then you can save yourself a lot of money, and find some great deals under $100 dollars. However, for the more superior replacement backboards out on the  market, they can cost just as much money as a portable basketball hoop. It really depends on what you're looking for. If you want to go cheap, but don't care as much about performance, then you can find what you're looking for.

However, if you're looking for a bit more rebounding bounce, and a bigger sized backboard, then you'll have to spend a little extra money. Down below are some of the different replacement basketball backboards that you can buy for portable basketball hoops. Most replacement backboards should come with a rim and net as well. They can be used as your new garage hoop, or to replace a really worn down backboard and rim on your portable hoop.

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Acrylic Replacement Basketball Backboards

Acrylic are some of the cheaper backboards out on the market, but they're definitely reliable. Acrylic resembles glass, and its pretty sturdy. The Lifetime 73650 44 Inch Replacement Black Fusion Shatter Guard Backboard and Rim Combo is a pretty good portable replacement basketball backboard to purchase for a cheap price online. It's going for prices under $100 dollars, and will save you some money. The good thing about acrylic is that its rather strong, even stronger than glass, but it is lighter. Lighter isn't a good thing when it comes to backboards that provide more of a bounce. It will provide a decent bounce though, but just not nearly as good as glass backboards. This is one of the more popular 44 inch acrylic replacement basketball backboards for portable basketball hoops. The backboard can be mounted as well for those looking for a good garage basketball hoops. It's got a lot of positive feedback from happy customers online. Lifetime makes pretty quality basketball hoops and backboards.


The Lifetime 73650 44 Inch Replacement Black Fusion Shatter Guard Backboard and Rim Combo

Lifetime Acrylic Fusion Pro Court Portable Basketball System, 44-Inch
Amazon Price: $179.99 $131.00 Buy Now
(price as of May 18, 2015)

Polycarbonate Replacement Basketball Backboards

Polycarbonate replacement basketball backboards are even better than acrylic backboards to replace on your portable hoop. In fact polycarbonate is even stronger than acrylic. The regulation sized of an NBA basketball back board is 42" x 72". It's the biggest out on the market, and obviously the most expensive. If you want the size the professionals use, then the 42" x 72" Polycarbonate Rectangular Basketball Backboard with Aluminum Front can be used for indoors, outdoors, and can be installed onto your portable basketball hoop. The best thing about polycarbonate is that it just doesn't break. The most intense power dunks won't shatter polycarbonate. Rims aren't included, you'll need to go to onlinesports.com to check and see which breakaway rims are recommended.

Lifetime 71526 Baksetball Backboard and Rim Combo

Buying 42" x 72" backboards might be a little outside your budget range. If you had something a bit more practical in mind, the Lifetime 71526 Baksetball Backboard and Rim Combo is a 54 inch backboard that costs around $200 dollars online. A very efficient and strong basketball hoop that won't shatter or break. Provides pretty good bounce off backboards. They cost a lot less than a professional sized backboard. If you just have kids that play on your basketball hoop, then you might just want to purchase this.

Tempered Glass Replacement Basketball Backboards

Tempered glass is what the pros play on. They're much safer, and provide a much better game. A professional tempered glass backboard is 3/8 inches thick, and will provide the very best bounce. Onlinesports.com has some pretty nice 42" x  60" glass rectangular basketball backboards that are 3/8 inches thick. They're going for pretty good prices under $1,000 dollars. It's important to find a perfect backboard for the best bounce if you're a true basketball enthusiast. If want to become a better rebounder, or inside scorer, you'll need a reliable basketball hoop that allows you to improve your game. They'll operated on portable basketball hoops outdoors. They're shatter-resistant, and truly the best replacement backboards to purchase for basketball hoops. There are plenty of professional sized 42" x 72" rectangular backboards also being sold online at amazon.