Couch Slip Cover

Why Buy Replacement Couch Cushions:

Replacement couch cushions are the easiest way to spruce up the looks of a dirty or outdated couch without spending thousands of dollars on new furniture.  If the structure, meaning the frame, hardware, and mechanics of your couch still function well, replacing the cushions can be as simple as buying pre-made cushion covers, or choosing a fabric and having an upholstery shop make custom couch cushions that are made for your sofa.  The most common reasons for buying replacement couch cushions vary from normal wear and tear repairs, pet stains and odors, or just updating the color or fabric pattern of a couch that is several years old.  As style changes, a popular pattern from just a decade ago can seem dated and stingy today.  For as little as $200-500 dollars, you can choose a fabric that is current and fits your personal style.  

Types Of Cushions For Couches:

There are a number of different ways you can replace the cushions of your couch, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.  The most significant difference between each method is the price tag, with the cheapest type of cover costing as little as $30 while a more expensive custom upholstery and foam sofa cushion job could cost as much as $800.  However, if your couch still has life left in it, these methods are still much cheaper than purchasing a new couch and it is much better for the environment.  It is also a lot less hassle to replace your couch cushions than try to hire a moving company to deliver your new couch and dispose of the old ones.  The most popular replacement couch cushions come in three forms.

Couch Slip Covers - Couch slip covers are the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient way to cover your old couch and give it a new and refreshed look.  Couch slipcovers can be purchased for as little as $30, however for a quality couch slip cover that looks like the original fabric, expect to spend about $75 dollars.  Their benefits include a cheap and easy replacement couch cushion, but it will not look as good as a custom upholstry replacement.  Also don’t expect it to cover up odors or damage to the cushions.  Couch slip covers are strictly a cosmetic face lift for your couch.  

Custom Couch Cushion Covers - If you want a little more professional looking replacement couch cushion, you don’t have to spend too much more to get a custom made couch cushion cover from your local upholstery shop.  To save money, remove the old cushions yourself by unzipping them from the back of the cushion, or carefully cutting a straight line in the back of the cushion to remove the foam.  Then take the couch cushions to an upholster and have them make exact duplicate replacement couch covers for you to install at home.  This is a great option if you accidentally made a large stain on one cushion of an otherwise new looking couch. By matching the fabric of one cushion you could save thousands of dollars.  

Custom Foam Sofa Cushions - For those that have a sentimental attachment to their couch, or just feel like saving a little money on a couch replacement, it is possible for an upholsterer to make completely new replacement coach cushions.  To have them make the foam sofa cushions from scratch, take all of the cushions into your local upholstery shop and ask them to make brand new replacement couch cushions.  This is the best option if you have deep penetrating odors that a cushion cover would not cover up.  Expect to pay $600-1000 dollars for a complete furniture overall, but the results will often be higher quality than the original sofa. 

New Couch Cushions:

Although it can be difficult to match the size and shape exactly, it is possible to find great deals on brand new replacement couch cushions that are already pre-made.  Expect to pay up to $800 for the new cushions, but they are sure to be the best combination of convenient, and easy to replace.  Simply order a new couch cushion from a furniture repair website or authority website like and wait for your replacement couch cushions to arrive in the mail.