Finding replacement dresser drawer handles or knobs in the hardware stores near your home is going to be hard. Cheap dresser handles do not have a large market of customers lining up and as a result hardware stores that do carry these items tend to have small selection to choose from.

On a more regional basis as opposed to a local level there is a demand for dresser drawer knobs and handles and because of this there are many warehouse type stores online which offer an amazing array of variety. Some online stores offer the best variety of dresser handles you can imagine. You can find everything from decorative dresser drawer handles made of nickel, brass, copper, pewter in styles as far ranging as kids dresser drawer handle shaped like the various brands that kids know to vintage dresser drawer handles made with glass or crystal.

Antique Brass Dresser Drawer Pull
Antique Brass Dresser Drawer Pull

Vintage or antique styled dresser drawer knobs and pulls are very popular for restoring antique furniture and are popular furniture hardware found in stores. Likewise basic cheap dresser drawer pulls and handles are always popular due to the prevalence of these pieces of hardware breaking through constant usage over time. People who use their dressers until he pieces start breaking often don't want to replace the entire chest of drawers so replacement dresser drawer handles make a good compromise.

Adults & Kids Dresser Drawer Handles

Kids Dresser Drawer Handle
Kids Dresser Drawer Handles

Depending on whether you need to buy kids dresser drawer handles or adult dresser drawer knobs you are going to have to look in different stores. Normal replacement dresser pulls can usually be found at your every day hardware and home improvement stores. Stores like home depot, Ace Hardware, Lowes all have small selections of these types of dresser drawer parts.

The thing to keep in mind however is that the selection in these stores will be limited and if you want anything fancy, antique, or vintage your selection will be slim at best. Similarly if you want to buy specialty kids drawer handles to match your baby girl's room, which might have themed bedding, decorations, and ceiling fans; these stores are highly unlikely to have specialty kid's drawer pulls in stock; they will offer to order them for you but you might as well just shop online and order them for yourself.

Types Of Dresser Drawer Pulls

This is a simple option for replacement dresser drawer pulls.  If you need cheap drawer pulls to replace your dressers hardware then this may be a good option for you.
Simple Dresser Drawer Pull

When you opt to start shopping online for your decorative dresser drawer handles then you open yourself up to a ton of variety that online warehouse hardware stores can offer. You can find vintage glass knobs, and antique style handles in all types of metal. Stainless steel, pewter, and brushed copper or nickel are always popular options as well as ornate decorative drawer knobs in period styles like Victorian and modern décor.

When you are shopping for metal dresser drawer pulls you should also decide on the quality ahead of time as this can affect the price. Buying solid metals will make your handles more durable but will also increase their price. For instance brushed nickel drawer pulls which are solid nickel will cost more than nickel plated drawer pulls. If you want cheap brushed nickel cabinet pulls then this is fine but you should know the difference before you shop so you understand why some drawer handles cost more than others.

Another thing to consider as it relates to the different types of dresser drawer pull sis the physical style of the drawer pull itself. Knobs tend to be stationary and protrude from the drawer. If you are prone to bumping into things like this or snagging clothes or other items on them then you may want to opt for handles which fold flush against the dresser drawer or stationary drawer handles which attach to the cabinet in two places minimizing the risk of snagging or bumping the handles. These are seemingly trivial differences but should be considered as knobs are often the cheapest due to them containing on average the least amount of materials. 

Where To Buy Cheap Dresser Drawer Knobs

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Buying the best dresser handles for the best price is going to come down to personal preferences and needs. If you need a basic drawer handle for your generic bedroom dresser than you may be just fine heading down to your local home improvement store or general hardware store as they will probably have a small selection of basic drawer handles and pulls. The prices won't be the best but since you may only need a single drawer pull the price won't be a big difference.

On the other hand if you need a lot of drawer handles due to a restoration project or because you are designing a very detail oriented home design plan then your local stores may not have the variety needed. Similarly themed drawer pulls and knobs will almost never be found in stock at the Home Depots of the world. To find these specialty items you have to visit the small hardware stores online which can stock the largest inventory of dresser drawer handles, cabinet knobs, cabinet backplates, and door hinges, and any other kind of small hardware piece you can think of.

Cheap Dresser Drawer Pulls
Cheap Dresser Drawer Pull

Many of these stores such as Simply Knobs or The Hardware Hut have large selections of hardware in stock and ready to ship. In addition to these there are also the obvious options for shopping around for the best price and buying in bulk through via countless small suppliers which sell their products on sites like Amazon or eBay. Many of these sellers might not have the individual variety to satisfy everyone's specific needs but all the combined merchants on these sites can offer amazing variety at very competitive prices for all types of hardware.

Remember that buying in smaller quantities will always result in higher prices on a per unit basis so if you need to restore a cabinet it may be best to replace all of the dresser drawer handles at once to keep costs low. Also shopping online versus at your local hardware store will result in much more variety in drawer knobs and pulls. If you need something plain vanilla then your local hardware store might work but for more specialized pieces you will want to try shopping at the bigger online hardware merchants.