Replacement file cabinet rails and drawer slides are not always the most durable parts. Periodically these parts and others need to be replaced unfortunately they are not always easy to find. Cabinet drawer slides are the metal sliders which the drawers to our filing cabinets rest on and allow for smooth opening and closing. 

Rails are the dividers which hanging file folders hang from. Without these and other filing cabinet parts remaining in good working order your file drawers and hanging file folders would simply fall on top of each other, get out of alignment, or simply not open or work.

Filing Cabinet Rail Replacement

Replacement File Cabinet RailsIf the rails on your filing cabinet are beginning to fail then you are either going to have to replace them or the entire cabinet. Of course buying a new 2 drawer filing cabinet is as easy as heading down to your local furniture or office supply store but this is much more expensive than simply replacing the rails. The trouble however is that replacing cabinet rails is a little less obvious and a little tougher to do, mostly because it's hard to find the replacement parts.

Many manufactures make and sell replacement parts for their filing systems. If you know your manufacturer you can head over to their website and contact them with the appropriate part number. You can usually find part numbers like this tucked away and engraved on the side of the piece.

If you are having trouble finding the part number then just do your best to describe the part to the manufacturer. Most well know manufacturers will be on top of this. For instance, Hon file cabinets are well known and they have many working parts available as replacements. Big companies like Hon or other major furniture makes can likely work with you.

Finding Replacement File Cabinet Parts

Filing Cabinet RailsIf however you don't have a major branded filing system, maybe you just have a basic cheap white filing cabinet made of particle board that you picked up at a garage sale. If this is the case your best luck buying replacement lateral file rails is to pretend like you were making a filing cabinet from scratch. Measure your piece of furniture and the depth of the drawers and check out either online or in person any one of many home supply stores or general hardware stores.

If you go this route you will have to buy the right drawer rails based on accurate measurements rather than a part number. After all, not everybody buys their own furniture; many people make wooden filing cabinets for themselves rather than buying them. If they make them then the file cabinet parts have to be sold somewhere.

Make sure that the wood is stable enough for repair and make sure the hanging file cabinet rails are strong enough for the items you plan on storing in your file cabinet Hon file cabinet rails are usually a good bet. Your final product will only be as quality as the parts you use.