Finding replacement drawer pulls at you local home improvement store can be frustrating because most home goods and hardware stores don't really carry many options which are relevant to most homeowners. Often the selection of drawer pulls and cabinet knobs is quite small and the variety and in styles is amazingly small. The chances of finding an exact match drawer knob are almost impossible to find when the store shelves are slim. This is the main source of frustration for most people.

Do you want to buy single drawer handle replacements for your old bedroom dresser or wardrobe and out up with a slight mismatch or do you want to buy a whole new set of drawer knobs just to keep your piece of furniture looking like it matches. The second options will look better but it will also cost quite a bit more and you still are unlikely to find a set of drawer pulls for your home or office furniture that is really what you are looking for. Finding a style and design that you really like may still require more detail oriented shopping which traditional hardware stores down the block can't offer.

Types Of Furniture Knobs And Pulls

When it comes to furniture knobs and pulls you have to realize there is an amazing amount of styles to choose from when you start your shopping experience. If you love the knobs on your old TV cabinet then you probably can afford to look for similar styling but if you have purchased an antique piece of furniture with missing cabinet pulls and need to replace them during the restoration process then you will want to match them to your rooms décor or find a different style which may compliment a more traditional home décor. Sometimes old antique styles can be quite nice as they are very decorative and fancy when compared to contemporary design.

Some of the antique styles of drawer pulls include the Victorian or classic styles. Highly decorative designs including swirling floral patterns are common. Even more decorative and impressive however are the classic stylings of porcelain or crystal which are higher quality decorative materials which can evoke a more sophisticated home décor even when they are paired with modern home design. Simply including decorative porcelain cabinet knobs on the outside of your home entertainment center can help jive your living rooms modern functionality with old world design and beauty.

Porcelain is not going to be as sturdy and durable as many other types of metals which are more commonly used in modern furniture however it can hold up quite nicely over time. It is a very durable type of ceramic which can be decorated in many different ways including being painted are simply being created in many different colors and shapes.

Similar to porcelain, crystal is another old world style material which is very sophisticated and very beautiful. And like porcelain it is durable making it a good option to include on heavy use pieces of furniture in your home. In fact, despite the fact that crystal is a glass and it looks more delicate it is often one of the most durable types of cabinet knobs you can buy because crystal itself is made from a bled of glass and iron making it quite heavily and resistant to chipping. You can find crystal knobs made in many different colors too. Even though clear crystal is most popular and easy to find shopping for more specific types, colors, and shapes of crystal for your furniture handles is very possible.

Sopping For Furniture Drawer Pulls

Considering furniture drawer pulls and some types of discount door knobs are hard to find in traditional retail establishments in any significant variety or selection you have to get creative when you start shopping around. It is worth checking out your local hardware store to see what hey offer and at what price range their hardware is sold at but don't get your hopes up of being able to perfectly match your grandmas old antique dresser hardware with the cheap hardware sold in stores today. Usually the hardware used in older furniture is similar but not exactly the same to the same types of cabinet pulls and discount furniture handles produced and sold today.

If you want any chance at being able to match the hardware to replace a single drawer pull then you ill have to go online to one of the many specialty retailers which is focused solely on providing large variety in pulls and knobs. Many people don't realize this but there are actually many different decorative hardware stores online which sell every kind of knob you can imagine in just about ever style and shape possible. These stores also tend to sell these items for slightly less than local retailers too because of different cost structures unique to their online businesses. If your antique bedroom dress pull is made of jeweled ceramic and brass or some other extremely unique style you may yet have trouble finding matches. And that can make the online retailers look like a good option also because they can often sell in bulk for less.

If you simply cannot find a good match for a broker furniture handle even within the huge pool of inventory that the specialty and decorative hardware stores offer you can usually at least find a type of drawer pull which fits with your style and desired theme and then buy it in bulk. The pieces may not be exactly what you originally had but they will match and you can buy them based on the décor of the rest of your furniture and home. This can freshen up an old piece of furniture and really make it feel new again.

Another option is to shop around through thrift stores and flea markets for old antique furniture and buy them for their parts. If you really want to stick with genuine antique parts on your old piece of furniture this can be a viable option however it will be more work and can be more costly depending on the piece of furniture you buy. Ebay and Amazon or similarly good options to do comparison shopping of different styles and materials but overall the specialty hardware stores online tend to have the best selection at the best prices and they should provide all the furniture pulls you need to make a choice worthy for your home.