Replacement Sofa Cushions

Reasons for buying replacement sofa cushions:

There are any number of reasons why you might be in the market for replacement sofa cushions. More than likely, there is a stain on your sofa that just won't come out. Usually stains like wine, oils, or pet accidents are stubborn enough to make you want to put your couch on the curb. Maybe you've taken great care of your furniture, but the pattern, or colors are going out of style and you'd like to do a little updating without spending too much. Or, perhaps, maybe you've recently purchased a used sofa and would like to clean it up a little before putting in your home.

The great news is that there are many options available no matter what reason you have for disliking the condition of your old sofa. With a little effort, you can have a sofa that looks like new without spending thousands of dollars to buy new couches. Before you determine which route will be most effective you must first decide what level of damage you are trying to repair. If you are satisfied with the "structure" of your couch like the density and shape of the cushion, then you will most likely be more than happy with a simple replace sofa cushion cover swap. If your cushions are beginning to sag under the weight of a person sitting on them, or if they are just not as comfortable as you would like, purchasing entire replacement sofa cushions will be the best route.

DIY Sofa Cushions:

If you feel comfortable using a pair of scissors and a sewing machine, the most cost effective way to spruce up your old sofa is to make couch cushion covers yourself. The first step is removing the cover by either unzipping it, or carefully cutting a straight line across the back of the cushion freeing the cover.

Next cut along the exterior seams to reveal the "pattern" of your old cushion cover and carefully measure the amount of material you'll need to make your own replacement. Head to the fabric store and purchase about 20% more fabric than you measured you would need in a color and style that you would like to update your sofa's look with. Finally, using the old cushion cover as a guide, sew a replacement, and install on the old cushion foam.

Replacement Cushion Covers:

If you don't feel comfortable behind a sewing machine, most likely the most cost effective replacement sofa cushions can be fabricated by your local upholsterer. Following the same technique, remove your old sofa cushion cover with either the zipper on the back, or carefully cutting it off (making sure not to damage the cushion foam).

Take the entire cover to your upholsterer and discuss your options and pricing. Depending on the fabric, and the detail of stitching you can expect to pay somewhere between $200-500 dollars. Although this may sound expensive, considering the alternative of purchasing a new sofa for $1000-2000 dollars, it makes sense for some people who made an unfortunate spill on their otherwise good condition sofa.

Slip CoverSofa Slip Covers:

By far the least expensive way to spruce up an old sofa is to throw a pre-made sofa slip cover over it. For as little as $30-40 dollars you can purchase a one-size-fits-all piece of fabric that completely covers an otherwise dirty, or out of style sofa. The downside of course is that anything not custom made will appear and feel cheaper. However, if you are looking for a quick fix, they can certainly be great solution.

New Sofa Cushions:

Sofa cushion replacements can be pricey, but a great alternative to purchasing a brand new couch. If your cushions are showing, and feel like the wear of years of good use, getting brand new sofa cushion replacements can be one of the best solutions. Expect to pay $500-1000 dollars but the result will be a couch that looks and feels brand new for about half the price of completely new couch.

Whatever solution you choose, be sure to price check stores, upholsters, materials, and replacements. Get multiple quotes if you have anyone make you custom work, and be sure you are very clear with your expectations up front.