Most people are all too familiar with the annoying feeling of a toilet seat that doesn't stay straight but replacing toilet seat hinges is usually the last thing that most people really want to take on on a Saturday afternoon, even when the fix will be greatly enjoyed by everyone who frequent the bathroom. The simple fact is that despite most peoples aversion to working on a toilet changing the toilet seat hinges or bolts is not that hard and it's not a dirty job either.

What many people fail to realize is that when toilet seats begin to wiggle or to slide off center from the toilet bowl this is a tell tale sign that the toilet seat bolts are coming loose. This is not always a bad thing however as bolts of all kinds come loose all the time. The things is however when bolts come loose that's when hinges and other things which rely on bolts begin to break so you should first check to see if your bolts are loose before going out and buying a new toilet bowl seat or toilet seat hinge set. You may find that a simple tightening with a wrench is all that is needed.

If your toilet hinges are not loose but broken then you need to take some further action. Many hardware stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, or Ace Hardware, to name just a few, carry the hardware necessary to replace your toilet hinges and bolts however you may find that the selection at these big home hardware stores is not wide enough to match your home décor.

Types Of Toilet Seat Hinges And Parts

It may seem funny to think of the hinges on a toilet bowl as part of a home's décor but a well designed bathroom will probably be designed right down to the toilet lid, the door hinges, and the sink back splash and cheap plastic toilet lid hinges are probably the last thing that will go well with your bathroom's motif. To find the selection that you need you may get lucky but finding a store that has a quality selection of stainless steel toilet seat hinges, brushed nickel toilet set hinges, and any other set of hinges made of materials such as copper, brass, or bronze may be difficult.

Not only does the material of the hinges make a difference to home décor but so to does the physical design of the hinges and bolts. The bolts are likely somewhat less important to design and appearance but the hinges themselves can be traditional hinges or more modern in design. They can be designed to blend into the toilet lid so that you hardly even notice they are there whereas some hinges are oversized and ornately decorated and hard to miss as a result.

Replace A Toilet Seat Or Just The Hardware


Sometimes it may make sense to simply buy a new toilet seat if your hinges or bolts start to break. This may make sense if you have a cheap toilet seat but some expensive toilet seats may be too expensive to replace especially when the toilet seat parts are so inexpensive to buy on their own. For instance the TOTO SS303-CP Maple SoftClose Round Toilet Seat sells for upwards of $150-200 dollars but the hinges can be purchased for less than ten dollars if you are a bargain shopper.

You don't even normally have to stick with the same brand when looking for hinges. For instance Kohler toilet seat hinges may be more expensive than generic hinges found online or in local hardware stores but the cheap hinges are likely just as good. The same can be said for Bemis toilet seat hinges and Mayfair toilet seat hinges; the generic kinds are usually just fine, it's just a matter of finding a hinge that will look good with your seat, toilet lid, and bathroom design.

Of course if you just need a simple fix and you don't mind paying for cheap materials with shorter life spans you can't go wrong with plastic toilet lid hinges. These are often the reason you need replacement parts in the first place but they are some of the most likely candidates to be found at your local hardware store. Of course they can also be purchased online and possibly for a better price so you will have to do a little price comparison shopping and see what works for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you will likely get new toilet seat hinge bolts with the purchase of a new set of hinges however if you bolt is the only thing that is broken then you can probably just head over to the nuts and bolts section of your local hardware store and find a replacement for less than a dollar.

Taking The Time To Replace Your Toilet Seat Parts

Just remember that even if you have to change the entire hinge set on your bathroom toilet the job won't take long and it won't eat up a weekend. Just do some shopping online for adequate sets that meet your needs and buy them online to save a few dollars. Then on Saturday morning just give yourself twenty minutes between leisurely activities to head over to the throne and remove the seat and lid and replace the hinge and bolt set. All you will likely need is a wrench and/or a screwdriver and when you finish the job you will enjoy sitting on your toilet seat so much better that the whole process will be worth it.

Again, if you want the cheapest possible replacement toilet seat hinges and bolts just head down to your local hardware store and see what they have in stock but if you want more stylized options that may look better in your bathroom try the various specialty stores online such as Signature Hardware, Plumber Surplus, or even the big mega online retailers like Amazon which should give you enough option for decorated hinges and enough options to adequately comparison shop for the best prices. You don't have to go with the best quality but if you do you will at least lower your chances of having to make this kind of repair for a longer time to come.