How To Replace Motorcycle Kickstand

Fix Triumph Kickstand Lug

On many old bikes the frames have been used, abused, and modified. A common problem on Triumphs is a broken side kickstand lug. 

 The following is a great way to affix a new kickstand lug to any frame, stock or chopped. You can replacement lugs that are welded to a half round piece of tubing, or make your own with some scrap tube and thick steel plate. The half round tube is nice because it gives a larger weld surface area and keeps you from overheating the tubing when welding thick steel to the thinner wall frame tubing. it also allows you to rotate the kickstand lug to exactly where you want it, giving your bike just the right lean.

 The first place to start would be removing any paint, braze, bondo, or dirt from the areas to be welded. A die grinder or wire brush work well. Equally important is removing any ‘scale’ from the new lug. Scale is the dark grey coating that is found on hot rolled steel, and while you can weld through it first gives you more sound and better looking results. A wire wheel on a bench grinder works well for this purpose.

 To get just  the right radius on the half-round tubing, just place it against your frame and a few taps of the hammer will open it up if the radius  is a bit tight, giving it a nice fit without an air gap. You are now ready to figure out the placement.

 The best method is to fit the kickstand you are going to use to the lug. Because of the variety and variations of kickstands, often the lug will need massaging on the grinding wheel or with a file. Also, if the inside diameter of the kickstand is too wide, you may have to shim with a washer to give a nice, sliding fit.

 Have a helper lean the bike over to the angle you want it to rest at when on the side stand. Scribe or make some marks on the frame so you know just where to weld the new kickstand lug.

 Once marked, you can now tack the lug in place, check the angle and fitment, and finish weld the lug in place. You now have a new, sturdy side stand at just the angle you want. Bolt you kickstand in place and get back to work on the rest of the bike!

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