Tablet Computers Are More Popular Than Ever

Tablets - Laptop ReplacementsCredit: Amazon

For some years now, tablets have been getting ever more powerful. Now they are capable enough to replace laptops. There are obvious trade-offs for these ulta-small computers but they deliver many features as well. Evolution of table quality has improved quickly to the point where they can easily replace laptops for most types of computer uses. Based on the number of these devices sold, people have found them to be highly worthy of consideration.

Tablets have been around for quite a few years. The early Palm Pilot devices were loved by many of their owners. These, however, had very small display screens and limited storage abilities. Still, they were used for many functions. While they had particular limits, they did hint of the day when hand-held devices would be common and capable.

Science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke foretold the age of the table computer as well. His book written in 1960 described devices which had a connection to a global communications network, had extensive data storage and which could be used for a very large number of uses. The units that Mr. Clarke described have arrived now.

Modern tablet computers have very nice screens. They are available in 4, 7 or 10 inch sizes. Each size has its relative merits. Unlike most laptop computers, tablets have touch screens. The primary input method is via fingers on the display. Clicks and drags on the screen are interpreted by the tablet and take the place of a mouse or keyboard. This helps to keep the device as small as possible. Since tablets have a minimum of internal components, they offer very good battery life in a small package.

The main features of tablets are their storage capacity and computing power. Here, too, modern tablets deliver. The base units now ship with at least 8gb of storage. This allows about 8 billion characters of information to be stored. If a photograph takes up a half million storage cells, the base units are able to contain at hold about 17000 images. Since the unit must store other information, however, a user would not be able to have quite this many photographs stored.

Other tablets are available with 16gb, 32gb and even 64gb of memory. With such large amounts of storage, they are able to handle practically any number of photographs or documents that the ower requires. Since these devices are usually connected to the Internet as well, they allow owners to copy files to and from cloud servers. These allow practically unlimited storage off the tablet, freeing up the internal memory for other purposes.

Potential owners should note that tablets are not usually shipped with mobile phone capabilities. Those that do have this feature are quite expensive. Some small format units do come with mobile data network connection capability. Most, however, rely on home wireless connections to home or wi-fi networks.

In time, further advances in tablet technology can be expected. Processors will get faster. Storage will increase. Battery usage will improve. These devices are now capable of completely replacing laptop computers. In time, they may even replace many desktop devices.

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