In a history of modern globes, Replogle globes would have an entire chapter, maybe three. They are the gold standard of globes, and any home, office, or classroom benefits from a Replogle globe (or two) around. It's the craftmanship of these globes, along with their beauty, that make them special. And yet, many of them are surprisingly affordable. Here, you'll discover more on Replogle globes, where you might benefit from using them, and the prices you should expect to pay for different models.

Replogle Globes: "A Globe In Every Home"Reblogle Globes Franklin Globe

What company is behind these beautiful globes? That's simple - it's the company by the same name. Replogle Globes has been is business since 1930 bringing quality globe making to market. Back then, globes were mostly sought after by schools and other education institutions; they weren't often considered a viable piece of home decor. Replogle Globes changed all that. Luther Replogle, the founder of the company, envisioned a world where globes were commonly found in homes across the world. He lived by the motto "A globe in every home," and his company over the last 80 years has delivered on the potential.

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Because these globes must meet the needs of both education settings and interior design, Replogle globes are both painstakingly accurate and beautiful. It's a special mix that makes a Replogle globe a welcome addition in most any setting. You can find them in nearly any style and color variation you can imagine. From a classic antique beige to the rich tones of gemstone globes. They also come in all sizes, from desk globes to floor globes and everything in between. You can also find interactive globe styles made by Replogle Globes that are perfect for teaching about geography with a modern electronic touch.

Where To Use Replogle Globes

Replogle Globe Explorer

You can tell there's a commitment at this company to delivering the perfect globe for you, no matter your need or design style. These globes are perfect for education settings, no matter if it's a traditional classroom or homeschooling. Replogle Globes only uses map information that is officially approved by the United States government, so their accuracy is top-notch. The company even has an Updatable Globe Program through which, if you own an older version, you can get a 50% discount on a new globe ball so you can be sure your maps are as accurate as possible. That's a commitment to education.

In terms of interior design, there are some real beauties among Replogle globes, perfect for showcasing in your home. The company gets surprisingly adventurous in its color tones and material designs, so no matter if your home has a modern decor theme or an antique feel, there is a globe here for you. A Replogle floor globe may look great in that corner that you've been wondering what to do with, or a desk globe could be the missing piece for your fireplace mantel or office desk.

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Replogle Globe Prices

Replogle Atlas Table TopAs with any globes, Replogle globes vary in price depending on the size, the stand, and materials used in their making. You'll discover some real stunners across many sizes between $40 and $70. Expect, though, to pay $150 to $300 or more for floor globes, gemstone globes, and globes with intricate stands. For a stunning piece of home decor at the quality level of a Replogle globe, these are prices well worth paying.

Globes have a universal appeal. When near one, people love to touch them, rotate them, and take a look at the world at large. Replogle globes make this moment extra special, whether as a student or a guest in a home. Their quality is unparalleled and their beauty is undeniable. They make great globes no matter your need.