When you begin to receive leads via email from your own web sites, you will have the opportunity to reach out to people who want more information about your business. So far I have come across two types of people. There are those who want more information by replying to their email and those who want you to call them. In this article I will talk about how to reply to people via email.

Don't Give Out Too Much Information

When you reply to email leads, don't write long, drawn out messages. Instead, write out a brief description about your business opportunity and try to follow up on the phone. End the email by requesting chatting over the phone.

Another good idea is to link to a video presentation from your email reply. Most network marketing companies offer free online videos which you can link to for people to learn more. I have heard on training webinars that it's important to let third party tools do all of the explaining. That means redirecting leads to web sites or videos.

You don't want to try to sell your opportunity. Your job should be to answer any questions and to share your experience in the business.

Tips for Replying to Leads in Email

One thing that helps is having a default email template with your brief description. After you get several requests, this template will come in handy. All you will have to do is personalize it with the person's name and end it with your request for a follow up phone call.

Also reply as soon as possible. You want to make contact while the person is highly interested. Don't blow anyone off and wait too long before replying.

Remember that not every email lead will be a winner. Some people will not respond after you reply to them and others will simply tell you they are not interested. However, you will get those who are truly interested and those are the ones you want on your team.