Sometimes I come across a movie that I have not seen in a long time and I choose to watch it again. Repo Men is a film which got panned by the critics when it was released and the plot itself is not one for the faint hearted but it is one that has grown on me despite its dark undertones.

Repo Men (2010) - A Dark, Forgotten Movie GemCredit: Copyright © 2009 by Universal Pictures. Repo Men is based on a  book called The Repossession Mambo by Eric Garcia and the plot is based on a character called Remy (played by Jude Law), a Repo Bailiff for The Union. We see the story from the eyes of Remy in the future, indeed the first scene is after the event and he is writing the story on an old typewriter, scavenged from the ruins of the rundown section of town.

The Union

The Union are a company that has made the medical breakthrough of building aritificial organs (called antiforgs) and sell them to the public at inflated prices with inflated mortgage loan agreements that make a substantial amount of money. When people fall behind on their payments then The Union send in their Repo Men who have their specialist skills in tranqualising their debtor and removing the property. It is not their problem where the debtor gets a new heart from!

The job of being a repo man for human organs is a dirty and Remy's family are desperate for him to take a lower paid job as a sales agent for the company. Remy finally decided to take a career change and for one last job as a repo man he has to recover a heart from T-Bone (played by music producer RZA) comes with a shock as he gets electrocuted by his equipment. Remy has to accept a new heart antiforg himself and needs the job to pay for it. He starts to have second thoughts about being a repo man and loses his touch at reposessions; as a result he loses both his wife and his job.

The story turns as Remy, fresh from his wife leaving him, finds a new love in Beth (Brazilian actress Alice Braga) and they go on the run together while they can not pay for their antiforgs and Remy's work friends very quickly become his hunters as they fight to get the heart back.

Remy fails trying to get into his former The Union workplace to trick the companies computers into thinking that they had returned all their organs and closed their accounts, while still having them implanted. He was told that he would have to go to the company headquarters to break in and force the one computer that the company now allowed to record the return of organs. There starts a plan to barricade themselves into the antiforg return office to wipe their accounts forever.

You can see where there story is already headed in the action, lost love, action, find new love routine and I am trying really hard not to spoil what I think is a really enjoyable dark love film. There is a lot of martial art influenced action (a nod to Forest Whittaker's martial art training) including when the pair of repo men go after a "nest" of unpaid artificial organs as well as some dark humour and moments of slightly soppy love. If I talk too much about the film though you will either hate the sight of blood or have a great plot ruined.

This is really a huge dark-action thriller which could have benefited from a bit of acting less wooden; I will be watching it again soon. If you are slightly squeamish and do not like blood though then Repo Men might not be the one for you.