Buying a new washing machine may not be the most exciting purchase of your life, but it is a fairly important one. Which one you choose you will be using for years and you should select one that has good reviews and that you can afford.

The Asko brand is becoming very popular worldwide for it's long lasting durability, but the price has many wondering if other owners have ever had any problems with Asko washers?

Certainly, every company will receive great and poor reviews time to time and some are even a tad over the top at times. It is important to read them though, especially if you are in between two models or brands and need help making the best choice.

Some reported problems with Asko washers have been that the unit is slow when washing clothes.

Now this can be of no concern to some people, but to others it is a big concern as the longer it takes to wash your clothes the longer you have to wait to complete each load. You will also need to spend more money each month on your energy costs as a result of the machine performing so slow.

Another one of the problems with Asko washers is that they are smaller in capacity than some similar units. The smaller the machine the more laundry you will result in doing, which also relates to using more soap as well.

Some owners have even said there machine smokes when they attempt to wash a few sheets or a small blanket in that smaller basin. When it is going through one of those malfunctions the unit can even project a burning smell which combined is not something anyone wants to cope with just to do their laundry every week.

Some owners have claimed they needed many visits from a local repairman to work on their problems with Asko washers.

The internal fuse for example has been reported to pose a problem in many units. It also has been reported to have difficulty operating with various different types of laundry soaps and fabric fresheners also.

One last issue that seems to be common throughout most of the review panels and open forums on the web is that the unit has the ability to squeak when it is in the middle of the washing and spin cycles.

This may not bother too many people that have their washing machines and driers in the basements of their homes as they simply do not even hear the noises, but for those that do not it can be distracting.

One thing that is commonly known regarding Asko washers is that they last long for their price. They are a bit more expensive than most other washers being sold today, but they have the solid reputation of lasting for well over ten years.

That type of long lasting stability is why so many choose the Asko brand. Inquire regarding any of the above mentioned discrepancies when purchasing your washer and double check the warranty is just what you need as well.