Repositioning cruises - also known as repo cruises - can be taken on cruise ships that are moving from one port to another while changing their itineraries. Cruise lines change itineraries depending in the season. For instance, in the spring, a lot of cruise ship change their itineraries from the Caribbean to Europe or Alaska, whereas in the fall, they move back to Caribbean cruises. A repositioning cruise is one that you take when the ship is in the process of moving from one home port to another while in the process of changing itineraries. For the ship, it is a good way to stay in business while in the process of moving from one itinerary to another. For the traveler, repositioning cruise deals are a great opportunity to avail of cheap cruise packages, as cruise lines typically offer discounted rates on such cruises.


However, these cruises are offered only twice a year on any given ship when it changes itineraries in the fall and spring. Also, repo cruises are not everyone’s cup of tea. For one thing, they are only one way cruises, so it is up to you to find your way back to your port of origin, or to wherever else you wish to do. Still, for many people with a sense of adventure and the flexibility to adapt to repositioning cruise requirements, these are great options for cheap cruise deals.


The ports of call that repositioning cruises offer will depend on the season and the itinerary to which they are relocating. For instance, cruise ships repositioning to Alaska will stop at various Caribbean ports, and will then pass through the Panama Canal and stop along the coast of Mexico. For cruise ships repositioning from the Caribbean region to Europe, stops can include Spain, Portugal and North Africa as the ships cross the Mediterranean.


Some repositioning cruise ships tend to visit out-of-the-way destinations during their voyages, which can be a plus or a minus depending on your outlook. You may get to visit Scandinavian ports, which we typically don’t think of as cruise destinations. On the other hand, some people relish the experience of visiting new ports of call that they would not have encountered on a regular cruise.


Another aspect of repo cruises that may or may not be to your liking is that they stop at fewer ports and spend more time at sea, than conventional cruises. This means less sightseeing at ports of call; however, this is a way to really relax on board and enjoy the ship’s amenities. Because of the slower pace of repositioning cruises, they will often add special activities to keep guest entertained. These can include cooking classes and guest lectures.


Repositioning cruises are some of the best price cruises available, because the cruises are typically longer than the average cruise, which does not suit most travelers. Also, they tend to be off-season. The low prices are an incentive for people to travel on them during these repositioning trips. Prices can be as low as 50 percent of the regular cost of a cruise on the same ship. Depending on the ship and the cruise line, a repositioning cruise could cost in the range of $75 to $500 / day for each person. Some repositioning cruise deals sweeten the package still further by including free airfare or allowing two people on one fare. Sometimes they will offer both in the same package! While most cruise lines offer repositioning cruises, it is worth checking with travel agents for cheap last minute cruises on repo cruise ships that may not be widely advertised.


In the end, repositioning cruises are a great choice for those who are looking for cheap cruise deals, have flexibility in their schedules and itineraries, and enjoy some adventure and a relaxed pace of travel.