Finding a good cage for your reptile is one of the most important things you can do if you have one of these pets. Obviously you don't want it running around in the open, otherwise you're going to have a handful. There is a pretty decent-sized demand for these types of enclosures. You can choose from many different kinds from custom to large, and if you want to save on some money, you'll want some used or cheap reptile cages. No matter what type of terrarium or enclosure you are looking for, we will have you covered in this article. Here you will learn several tips on how and where to buy them as well as which reptile cages for sale are the highest selling and most celebrated.
Reptile Cages for Sale

Cheap Reptile Enclosures for Sale

The Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Aluminum Enclosure is one of the lowest priced products out there. At just $38 from, you can get one of these 16 x 16 x 20 inch affordable reptile cages. They're very attractive and have an easy-access large front door as well as a smaller bottom door. This corrosion-resistant enclosure is perfect for small lizards, chameleons, and iguanas. Zoo Med also has other sizes to choose from like medium and large.

If you want to find more cheap reptile cages for sale, try checking online before you go driving around to pet stores in your area. There are several great resources to use online and websites like Amazon, eBay, and PETCO all have some really cheap prices on all their stuff. Try shopping around on the web and look for some deals like free shipping in order to save the most money. You might be surprised at how modest the prices are on a lot of these sites. Some places may be selling one type of enclosure for $100, and then there will be one or two that have the same reptile cages for maybe $30 less. If you didn't shop around, you never would have discovered that and you would have missed out on an awesome deal.

Used Reptile Cages

Sometimes buying used items is just the way to go. However, looking in newspapers and flea markets aren't the only viable options anymore. With websites like eBay, CraigsList, and even Amazon, you have multiple options to find used reptile tanks from people living across the country.

It is important to keep in mind that buying used products comes with some hazards. There's always a chance that you'll get a bad deal and wind up with a piece of junk that you're now stuck with. Make sure you do your research and try to do some sleuthing to be certain you don't get ripped off. When you shop on eBay, only buy from reputable sellers. On CraigsList, pay close attention to the details and descriptions of the used reptile cages for sale. Try to get in contact with the seller and get as much information as you can about it before making your purchase.

Custom Reptile Cages for Sale

One of the best ways to give your pet and yourself an enclosure to be proud of is to get a custom one. Custom reptile enclosures come in all shapes and sizes, and each one is unique in its own way. eBay is definitely one of the easiest ways to find a good selection of them, but there are many other ways of going about it to get exactly what you want.

Some websites will allow you to design your own custom reptile tanks to your liking. Check out places like and just to name a few. These companies are highly respectable and produce high-quality enclosures based on your request. You can choose between different custom dimensions, colors, and even materials in some cases.

Large Reptile Cages

Giving your pet a nice big enclosure is a very considerate idea, especially if he is large to begin with. If you're looking for large reptile tanks, there are quite a few to choose from. Many of them are rather expensive and high-quality while others are simple in design and thus relatively cheap. Here are 5 of the most popular models to consider:

  • Naturally Exotic Large and Extra Large Screen Habitats
  • Zoo Med Extra Large Enclosure
  • InstaCage Large Screen Habitat
  • A and E Large Pitched Roof Enclosure
  • Zoo Med ReptiBreeze IguanArium
Now that you have learned some more about all the different kinds of reptile cages for sale, use it to go out and shop for the best ones for your needs. As you can see, there are several resources and models available whether you need a used, custom, large, or cheap enclosure. The internet is one of the easiest ways to go about your quest. There are dozens of viable options and stores for you to pick through and all of them feature competitive prices.