Republic Bike allows you to customize the colors on your bicycle online, and then they will build the bike and ship it to you. The problem with Republic Bike is that the bikes are not worth the money and they use high-tensile steel.

Republic Bike offers 2 bikes, the Plato Dutch bike and the Aristotle. The company has made a name for itself with the Aristotle bike, but not necessarily in a good way. The Aristotle bicycle is the single speed, or fixie bike that looks like a track bike or a messenger bike. The problem is the way the bike is built it will not work for the daily grinds a bicycle courier must endure.

The Aristotle Single Speed bicycle is mainly for cruising around town, and not doing any heavy riding. A much better alternative to the Republic Bike singlespeed bike is the Mercier Kilo TT bike from BikesDirect. The Mercier is $40.00 less and will last much longer if you are riding daily as a bicycle courier.

Republic Bike AristotleYou cannot customize the colors of the Mercier Kilo TT like you can with the Republic Bike, but it will last much longer if your ride a lot.

Republic Bike, even if you do not plan on buying one, has made it easy and fun to customize your own bicycle online with the colors you choose. You can check out the Republic Bike website and customize the colors of the bike like in the picture here.

If you do choose to buy the Aristotle bike from Republic Bikes, then I suggest you look at getting the Aristotle CRMO instead. The frame is lighter and worth the extra $40 over the regular Aristotle. The problem is that for the money you can buy a better fixie from other manufacturers, including Bikes Direct.

The biggest problem with the Republic Bike Aristotle singlespeed bike is that it uses high-tensile steel for the frame. There are numerous risks associated with using high-tensile steel on bicycles. High-Tensile steel should never be used on bicycles, yet many cheap import bikes tend to use high-tensile steel. When you are paying $400 or more for a bicycle you should not have any high-tensile steel used on it. High-tensile is a metal material I do not want on any of my bikes, and this is the sole reason I will not order this bike from Republic Bike.

The bike customization color options are still a lot of fun to play with, and you can even customize the color of the chain. Feel free to play around with the color options, but if you want a serious bike for real riding conditions you need to make sure that the frame is not made with high-tensile steel. Steel is very good, high-tensile steel is no good.

If you do buy the Aristotle bike from Republic Bike then you need to pay the extra $40 and but the CRMO edition, this bike does not use high-tensile steel for the frame. High-tensile steel should never be used for an adults bicycle frame.