Gain Storage from an Old Dresser

Repurposed furniture is a great way to recycle. Instead of throwing something away, take a good long look at it. If it is still useable, then donate it, but if it is past being useable and you know it will just be thrown out, then see if there is something you can use around the house, that can be made from this piece. This is where you can get creative!

If you have a dresser that has seen better days, and there is no way it can be repaired or become repurposed furniture, then it is time to dissect it and reuse as much of it as you can.

Take the drawers out, that are still in good shape, and clean them out. Now head to the home improvement store or maybe the travel store, and get either some very tiny casters or replacement suitcase wheels that you can now attach to the bottom of these drawers.

Now you have some under the bed storage. These are perfect for those off season items. You can line them with nice shelf paper and fill them with items not being used all the time. This is a great way to clear out your closet, and not have to spend to much on storage.

You could decorate the fronts of these drawers for fun or add a funky handle, but basically if the drawers were still in good shape and they can fit under your bed, then why throw them out?. If the wood on the rest of the dresser is good, and you are creative or have creative friends that like to repurpose furniture, maybe they can use the wood for another project.

Either way you have now not only repurposed this dresser, but you have now found a really good reason for cleaning out your closet!. These drawers could be used for all your shoes and sandals, as well as off season clothes.

In kids rooms they could be used for toys, as they only have to pull the drawer out from under the bed. You should be able to fit 4 drawers, (2 on each side of the bed), this way when they are told to clean up their toys, they literally only have to put them under the bed!

Recycling worn out furniture can be fun. It has now become quite trendy, and you are seeing people with unbelievable creativity taking it even further and rebuilding things out of worn out items.

A dresser can also be repurposed into kitchen storage by adding a counter on top, or a dining room side board. So before you throw it out, or want to buy something new, head to the home improvement store and see what is available in the paints department.

There are so many new products that can make decorating repurposed furniture fun and easy. You no longer have to strip wood to paint it, as long as it is grease free, there are really good high adhesion primers that will go right over the original finish and you can then add your own look.

Some paint and new hardware can completely change the look of furniture. It can have a new lease on life.

So, if you have thought about under the bed storage, and you have a beat up old dresser hanging around, then consider spending a few dollars on some casters or suitcase wheels and turn that space under your bed into good storage.  Also see repurposed window shutters for more great recycling ideas in your home.