How To Recycle Old Shutters

Taking old items and then reusing them is not only fun, but better for the environment. If you are at all creative, or are looking for a project idea, then take a look at your local reuse center and see if you can figure out how to repurpose furniture or other items into something totally different.

There are many people out there, who are capable of making the most unbelievable items, you only have to google "repurposed furniture" to see the creations that many people have come up with by using totally throw away materials.

Repurposed Furniture - But you can also do very simple things, that are creative and original. One great item to recycle, is old window frames and even old outdoor window shutters. Both of these items can be found in plenty at many reuse sites, especially ones that are geared to old construction materials.

As people renovate, they don't want to throw everything in the landfill that is taken out of their old house, so many times these items end up in reuse centers and habitat for humanity centers where they are sold to raise money.

By taking old window frames, you can clean it up, repaint if you want and add your own pictures to make this a really nice picture frame. You can use each pane for one picture. But another great use for them is to paint a painting or anything you have created and place it behind these window frame. It will now look like a window that looks out onto your painting. This idea works well with landscape paintings or photographs.

Add a couple of shutters to this, and you now have a "faux window" This can dress up an otherwise plain wall and can be a lot of fun. These are great ideas for basement walls, and also a great way to show off your paintings.

These work best with window frames that are sectioned off into small panes, or maybe you could add some simple dividers. If you find any at the reuse centers with some glass missing, you can either take all the glass out and use it this way, or you can get new pieces of glass cut, this is not too expensive and after you have painted your frame, it will look fantastic.

So, take a stroll through the reuse centers and see if there is something you can reuse, especially if you are looking for something different to add to your home.Repurposed Window Shutters

You can also take old shutters, and after cleaning them up, and painting them, they can be used in the kitchen for slots for mail or cards or messages. Or you can screw shorter shutters together to form a room divider, which you can then decorate.

Get inspired, get creative, and you can make some one of a kind useful pieces for your home. Repurposed furniture is really hot right now, but so is any recycled household item. Keep it out of the landfill and create your own works of art.

Take a stroll through the reuse center or second hand stores and see if you can think of something to create from some of these sad pieces of furniture or building supplies and have fun.