Utility Belt - The security guard utility belt keeps all of your required gear handy. A few common items you will find in a security guard's belt include: Walkie talkie, pepper spray, hand cuffs, baton, and more. Your requirement to wear a utility belt depends on your
company's uniform. If you uniform is suit, you will likely not wear a utility belt. However, if you wear a more traditional guard uniform you will likely wear one. Most companies will include the belt when they issue you your uniform.

Boots - Boots are an important piece of security guard gear. Guards are often on their feet for long periods of time so a strong pair of boots is a must. They also last a long time and can go through lot of wear. Be sure to keep you boots clean, as a dirty pair can reflect negatively on you to your superior officers.

Uniform - The security guard uniform is the most obvious piece of gear a guard will have. You've probably noticed that not all guard uniforms are the same. Two of the most popular uniforms are the suit uniform and the uniform that resembles a police officer's

Walkie Talkie - Most security guards are required to carry their walkie talkies at all times. It is a valuable piece of gear that gives guards the ability to communicate with their security guard team. It is also important when the need to report an emergency or something urgent.

Handcuffs - Not all security guards will carry hand cuffs, although some will. Hand cuffs come in handy when you need to apprehend a perpetrator and hold him until the police arrive. They are typically carried on the guards utility belt. If the position requires hand cuffs,
the guard will receive training on how to administer an arrest with them.

Pepper Spray - Pepper spray or mace is a great piece of non-lethal gear many security guards carry. When a guard gets into a sticky situation pepper spray is a much better option than something lethal such as a gun. Not all security companies provide pepper spray so
you may need to purchase your own.

Baton - The baton is another valuable piece of security guard gear. It is a semi-lethal alternative to the gun. Security guards may only use their batons in extreme situations such as physical attacks. Depending on which state you live in, you may be required to complete a set number of training hours before you are granted a baton permit.

Gun - A security guard's gun is a lethal weapon that should only be used in the most extreme circumstances. To be eligible to carry a gun a security guard must undergo armed guard training. The amount of hours needed to complete this training depends state to state.

Bullet Proof Vest - Many security positions that involve a gun will require a bullet proof vest. This statement is particularly true for guards who work in banks or on armored trucks. In dangerous situations a bullet proof can save your life.

Whistle - The whistle is useful when trying to gain the attention of others. They are often used in positions where a guard must control traffic or otherwise guide the people's paths. Some security companies will require a whistle while others won't.

First Aid Kit - It is not always required but some security guards are given small first aid kits to carry. These kits can be placed on the guards utility belt. They come in handy in the case someone on the property you are guarding is hurt. It is also useful if the security guard himself becomes injured.



 Security Guard FAQS

Starting as a security guard brings with it a slew of questions, the answers for which can be found here. When asked about the positive aspects associated with being a security guard, many seasoned security guards will remark that you are able to wear civilian clothes at times, depending on your position, walk around and stay in good shape, and you get to meet great people. There are the additional medical and dental benefits associated with being a security guard.

When asked what the most important skills are for someone wanting to become a security guard, many seasoned guards answered that they need to spell correctly and be able to articulate themselves clearly. This is important because not putting down enough information in a report can be troublesome years later. It is important to write down all of the details when it happens because later you will not be able to remember the details with the same precision and therefore, you will be harassed by the defense attorney in a case.

Another important skills needed to become a security guard is patience. Being patient is important because things will not always happen in a quick fashion nor will they always turn out the way that you expect them to turn out.

When asked to describe a typical day in the life of a security guard, seasoned security guards replied that a typical day begins with things such as issuing parking tickets, calling in for medical help if someone has a seizure. Answering a disturbance call and finding out what the cause of the disturbance was, then writing up the contacts in a report. Sometimes you might have a stolen car reported wherein you are then required to take reports, talk to people, explain that they need to report the incident to the police, and help them in contacting their insurance company. The day might also include lots of walking and lots of talking, as well as giving people directions. There are times when first aid is required of you in the form of bandages or cleaning wounds until medical personnel arrive on the

When asked about what aspects were most enjoyable about working as a security guard, many seasoned security guards have noted that you are able to help people with their problems and facilitate help for bigger issues. You are able to interact with local police and fire departments where you receive a great deal of thanks for your contributions after the fact.

With the job you handle things such as assaults, domestic violence, stalking, fights, and theft. Providing information to women who are assaulted by their partners at home helps to get them out of life-threatening situations by impressing upon them the dangers of remaining in their current position. You can find a great deal of reward in hearing that they were able to get out of their situation and find ways to continue with their education or

Other enjoyable aspects include not having to sit at a desk. Instead, you are able to walk around all day. You can put together reports which are fun because of the required precision. The reports, much like the response techniques needed in vital situations, help to expound upon a liking of puzzles and putting things together in a cohesive way that looks at the bigger picture. You can play detective to a degree by having to put together a whole story from only a few pieces. Perhaps someone who is stealing is mentally challenged or is intoxicated. You also get to fight for the life and liberty of another person while ensuring that prosecutors are doing their jobs correctly.