With the demand for more and more nurses rising every year, more and more people are either going to college or going back to college to get a degree in nursing. I personally am one of those people. I started out going for a pre-med degree and discovered that it would take too much time and too much money in order to make it through all of the classes and such. I did not have the monetary resources to complete such a degree. And to be honest with you, I did not think I could beat the competition. You see, when you go for a medical degree, all of the people signing up for admission to medical school are going to have unbelieviable gpa's and grades. Did I think that I was capable of making such grades and gpa's? Yes, no doubt, but it would have taken so much effort and would have made my life miserable. That is why I switched to a nursing degree. One because it lowers the stakes, so to speak and two because it costs a lot less.

The nursing school that I go to in south Georgia does not cost anymore than regular tuition costs which is great, but to get into the cohort is a little tough. You see, there are over two hundred nursing students applying for the spring and fall cohorts and the nursing program is only accepting fifty. That is pretty competitive people. Hoever, I feel as though I will make it with a 3.85 GPA. Anyways, I guess I will talk about the basic requirements that most colleges will have for getting a BSN.

At my college, in order to apply for the nursing program you had to have a list of classes already completed. I had to take an algebra class and a probability and staistics class in order to fill the math requirements for the program. Then I had to take several science classes along with some other classes such as english 101 and 102. The sciences were the most difficult in my oppion. There were two chemistry classes that were really tough, and then a few anatomy classes. The anatomy classes were really interesting, but hard non the least. The last class to fill the science portion of it was a micro class. It was pretty easy and involved some really neat labs. I forgot to mention that almost all of the science classes had labs along with them. The lab was a separate class, but would count for about twenty percent of the grade for the lecture as well. In all, the whole process was not that bad. If you stay dedicated, study often, and stay focused you will most likely be able to earn your BSN ans have nursing degree. I wish you the best of luck in going out there and getting your nursing degree!

Thanks for reading.