ResMed CPAP supplies are designed to help treat obstructive sleep apnea, a potentially severe medical condition in which breathing temporarily stops and resumes during sleep due to blocked or narrowed airways. Air flow becomes restricted through the airway when the tissues near the back of the throat block it. CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is a type of treatment which involves the use of a machine to keep the airways open while sleeping.

Sleep apnea machines are used with the CPAP mask which is connected to a flow generator (air pump) via a flexible tube. The mask fits over the patient’s nose and mouth and is secured with a strap around the head. The CPAP machine is designed to apply a constant pressure to push the air through the airway which helps make breathing easier during sleep. There are other less invasive and comfortable designs including a model that only gets attached to the nose, which can provide more comfort than a full face mask. Some CPAP machines can be conveniently transported with carrying cases.

ResMed CPAP Equipment

ResMed is a leading manufacturer of products designed to treat breathing problems with an emphasis on sleep related disorders including sleep apnea. Its product line includes CPAP machines, CPAP masks and other ResMed CPAP supplies and accessories. Some machines are designed to detect changes in pressure when in use and will automatically adjust to meet individual patient needs.

ResMed CPAP Machines

The ResMed S8 Escape Travel CPAP machine provides high quality CPAP therapy with its innovative Easy-Breathe technology, allowing patients to get a good night’s sleep. It’s designed for both home and travel use, given its portable design. The reliable and durable device operates quietly at just 24 dB and is compatible with CPAP masks from different manufacturers. A heated humidifier can be added to the unit to prevent your throat from drying out. The S8 Escape retails for $722.

ResMed CPAP Supplies

ResMed also produces various models of humidifiers, filters, tubing, mask parts and other machine parts in addition to their line of CPAP machines.

Replacing the ResMed machine filter regularly will ensure fresher quality air. The filters are found near the air intake located at the rear of the machines. Machine filters come in the reusable and disposable varieties.

The ResMed CPAP tubes are designed to be compatible with all machines due to their universal design. They can be used for about a year before they need replacement and most tubes are six feet in length or longer.

Mask parts consist of accessories such as pillows, cushions and chinstraps along with headgear and headgear clips. They’re designed with comfort and durability in mind to improve your sleep experience.

ResMed humidifiers are an important component designed to complement the machines. They ensure the right levels of moisture in your airways and work best with proper tubing. It’s recommended to use distilled water when operating the humidifier.

Investing in a CPAP machine with the associated ResMed CPAP supplies can have a significant improvement on the quality of sleep for patients suffering from sleep apnea. Getting the proper restful sleep helps you stay alert and refreshed throughout your workday.