Excellent TV, entertaining, fun to watch, and easy to get hooked on.


Not for kids, I don't agree with intolerance, and very bad language.

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Dennis Leary is your atypical hero who is more of a villain on his best days than anyone he comes up against. He proves that you have to be more than just a little crazy when your job is to run into the burning building rather than away from it. His character and his team are all having to live in the world directly affected by 911 and all the hardship it brought to not only the FDNY, but it's wives and children. Despite his flaws Tommy Gavin is the life blood of the fire house sure the chief calls all the shots but Tommy is who everyone asks for advice and the guy everyone turns to when they have something they need to get off their chest. Tommy suffers from a terrible case of survivors guilt and wishes he had died in place of his cousin Jimmy(who literally haunts him).Every man on the team has their own obsticels to over come as this first season really gives you a feel for each one of there situations. Each guy redefines what a hero is when the pressure is on in the middle of a fire, however when the gear is off and they are relaxing you would swear you fit right in with them. It's sobering to know that when the show is over you're glad it's not you risking your life, but it's good TV when it's on. The first episode centers around how Tommy is haunted by those he has lost. The second episode takes a look at how Tommy deals with his soon to be ex-wife's new boyfriend, and tackles the issue of homosexuality in the FDNY. The third episode deals with the backlash of the second episode. During the fourth episode Tommy ends up making a bad decision when he hooks up with his cousins widow, and another man on the team finds out he has a daughter. During the fifth episode Tommy deals with his family in the wake of an interaction with his own father. Tommy gets his wife to leave her new boyfriend, but is also still dealing with his cousins widow in episode six. During episode seven Tommy picks up a side job of building a deck for his neighbor, and decides to try again with his wife. Episode 8 has Tommy trying to deal with his father's strange behavior. Episode 9 brings a new member to the crew and a woman at that. Episode 10 then new female fire fighter does her best to be part of the team, while the team does their best to get rid of her. Episode 11 Tommy seems to have a death wish as he pays very little regard to his own safety getting the job done. Episode 12 Tommy has to borrow money from his uncle Teddy to make sure his wife and kids are taken care of. Tommy's relationship with his cousins widow is found out and he pays the price for it.

Special Features
Commentary for first and last episodes with creators Denis Leary and Peter Tolan
Blooper reel
4 behind-the-scenes featurettes
Deleted scenes
Exclusive sneak peek at Season 2
13 episodes on 3 discs, including: Guts, Gay, Kansas, DNA, Orphans, Revenge, Butterfly, Inches, Alarm, Immortal, Mom, Leaving, Sanctuary

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