For a very long time the terms managing and  leadership  were treated synonymously. This was  mainly due to the fact that a manager utilizing his role and positions, exercises his authority in order to get work done and achieve organizational objectives. Many management schools taught the rational and intellectual process of management. But implementation of this  process in practice found varying results in different organization. This difference it  was indentified was due to the way the management act and behave so that they were able to make their subordinates contribute their might to the maximum extent . This Quality of the manager has now been identified  as the leadership ability.

Leadership accordingly can be states as the ability of the manager to induce his subordinates or followers to work with confidence and zeal. According to this definition confidence reflects experience and technical ability. Zeal reflects ardor earnestness and intensity in execution of work. if subordinates were to work in accordance with rules and requirements enforced by authority.

Leader ship is the capacity to frame   plans which will succeed and the faculty to persuade others to carry them out in the face of all difficulties .According to this definition there are two aspects of leadership, which is being talked about. The first is the capacity to frame  plans and the second one relates to implementation of the plans by persuading others to achieve what is expected  in spite of obstruction and difficulties.

Research in leadership has been concentrated in two broad aspects. One is the leadership theories which try to explain what leadership is and the nature of leader ship. Second one is relating to the leadership styles which deals with how good leaders function and the leadership process. In the following discussions it would be found that some of the theories as well as the styles discussed, deals with both the meaning as well as the process of leadership. This is because the studies of most authors deal with these aspects in combination.

Subsequent studies and research tried to give a comprehensive view of leadership, some of the contemporary theories are reverting back  to the good old meaning of leadership  that of the trait. The charismatic leadership theory and the social learning theory can be sited    as examples.

Leadership described in the demo of humanity towards the unity of man and the global economy. In four words  to be, to do, to see, to tell. To be is the source o f leadership and constitutes the aggregate of the qualities and personality of  a  Leader.

To do may be described as the style  which is expected of a leader. The leader is expected to set a personal examples. In other words practice what he preaches. To see refers to the information  and feedback obtaining process which only, would keep him abreast of realities. To tell relates to the communication skill involving verbal and oral communication.