Many people turn to liposculpture as a way of getting over the hump when exercise just doesn't take away some stubborn fat deposits.  One of the first questions that always comes up with this or any other type of plastic surgery is how much it will cost for a basic procedure.  Unfortunately, it's not so easy to get a clear-cut answer as there are many different factors which can affect local pricing.  The only way to get a good idea of what local prices for this type of liposuction will run for is to do some local research.


Location will have an enormous impact on what liposculpture will cost you.  Obviously if you live in high income and ritzy areas like Hollywood, Beverly Hills, or the expensive neighborhoods of New York City then prices are going to be higher than if you live in more moderately priced cities in other regions of the country, such as the Midwest.  In fact, location will be the biggest single factor in determining local prices in most areas, and if you live in an expensive city and the work you want is too much, you may want to check out just how big the difference is a few states over as the savings might make the travel worth it.

Part of the Body

Another important consideration is what part of the body you are looking to get treated using liposculpture.  Larger areas like the stomach, chest, or buttocks will often cost quite a bit more than smaller touch up areas like the thighs or arms.  However a specialty procedure like facial liposculpture will cost much more than your average procedure because of the time, difficulty, and specialization required to pull off such a procedure.  Make sure you have a very clear idea of what type of plastic surgery you want before looking around for the right provider.

Compare Local Providers

Finally it's important to compare the prices of the local providers.  Use the phone book, use Google, and even look around for professional organizations in the plastic surgery field who might be able to recommend local liposculpture providers.  Use every informational resource available to build a list of people who might be the solution to what you're looking for.  Many offices give free consultations, and if they don't you still should be able to get at least a ball park figure for what the charges will be for each procedure undergone.  You may even be able to use one price quote against another to try to get a few more hundred shaved off the top.  Doing the extra leg work early in the process will go a long way to helping you find the most affordable lipo sculpting procedures available.