reseting router password

Resetting Your Linksys Router

So your Linksys router is acting up or you just forgot the admin password and have no idea how to get into the box to restore it to factory settings. Chances are the last time you touched the router was when you bought it and you're looking at it with total amneisa right now asking yourself, how the heck you set it up in the first place, or worse the person that set it up for you is long gone.

The good news is that you probably will not be the first and you won't be the last to have this problem. This article was writen to easily help you reset your Linksys router and move on with your life. No technical experience required.

Materials: paperclip, patience and a little bit of elbow grease

Step 1. Most if not all Linksys routers has a factory reset button. Depending on what model you have will determine where the heck the button is. For purposes of simplicity we are going to use the WRT54G model as an example.

linksys reset button

Step 2: If you turn your Linksys router around and look at the back of the device you'll notice that there are 5 ports and one uplink port that feeds to your modem. Right next to the uplink port is a reset button. Unplug your router and then plug it back in and use the paperclip to push the button down as you power up the Linksys router. Hold for roughly 10 seconds and your router should be back to the factory settings.

The Good

Your router will display with the default SSID (Service Set Idenfier) aka wireless newtork name "Linksys" and will be accessesable to any computer in your home.

The Bad

Being that the Linksys router is back in the origional factory mode the configuration will not be password protected and anyone can log on to your wireless network and start taking up the bandwidth.

The Good

Password protecting your Linksys wireless router is as easy as resting it.

Step 1: Open up your browser and type in the default Linksys wireless router configuration address http: // FYI make sure you type this in the address bar of your browserwrt54g

Step 2. This should bring you to a log on prompt. By default your user name is Admin and your password is admin. Once logged on click on the wireless tab and locate the wireless security option. There should be a drop down menu that allows you to choose the type of encryption you want. In this case I'm using WEP and in the passphrase area type in a word or some random text. Then click generate. Once you do that a random set of keys will be created off of that passphrase.

linksys wireless router

Step 3. Once this is done you should be prompted to reconnect to your Linksys wireless router. If not you can click on the small icon on the bottom right hand corner of your task bar. The icon should look like a monitor with a wireless signal comming out of it.

wireless trouble shooting

Step 4. Clicking on the monitor will prompt you to choose your SSID which is Linksys or what ever you name your network and then the random key that you generated in the wireless security settings option. Click connect and you should be golden.

wireless key