Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is here to fight the good fight and bring equal rights for zombies everywhere. It's got zombies thin, fat zombies, zombie cops, zombie women, spider zombies, zombie dogs, zombies on fire, birds, zombie, zombie, and worms. Best of all, he Nemesis - a large, robust action hero, a zombie. It is fast as hell, brutally violent, may take a surprising amount of trouble, and he can say "STARS". (Virtually Sly Stallone vocabulary!)

He looks good, too. The graphics in Resident Evil 3 are a little better than before with much better textures. The framerate is nice and high as well. The tripping of a menacing zombie hungry at the expense of rampaging Nemesis, movement and action all look great.
Resident Evil 3 Game
The control is almost exactly the same as above with precision, the subjective movement. The only difference is that you now have the ability to dodge.

And who are you? This is the first Resident Evil where you can not choose your character. You start out as bold and the beautiful Jill Valentine's first game. She was about to leave for Europe when the zombie plague has hit Raccoon City. Although she is a member of the S. T.A.R.S. Task Force, the quest for Capcom to get their heroines held in increasingly skimpier continues. Jill wears a miniskirt and a tight blue tank top. Not really the best equipment to fight the undead, but it can not wield a weapon, and his head is full of delicious brains. I just want to know where she maintains that the grenade launcher.

While Jill might look like, it should be hitting zombies with her purse, the second character, Carlos Oliviera, is ready to do battle. You meet Jill, and you play as him for the second half of the match. It is part of a team of mercenaries hired by Umbrella Corp. to clean up their mess. His battle dress practice, however, can not disguise his terrible voice acting. Nemesis is even better, and he could not say a word.

If you can not choose your character (except in the game Mercenaries secret), there are some new features in Resident Evil 3. The first thing I noticed was the excellent new development. Instead of everything that happens in a house or a police station, you must make your way though a city infested with zombies together. It's fantastic. The buildings are on fire, streets full of rubble and other people trying to flee. It's pure chaos.

And when I say chaos, I mean it. Enter a street or a building and you never know what to expect. Zombies are never the same place twice, or even in the same numbers. One would think that area is safe and were five times, when suddenly zombies will break through the windows of a nearby building and came to you.

The sounds are masterfully done and add to the scene. Sometimes you hear someone who fights against the zombies in the vicinity, or simply become their lunch. The whole really feels like a city at war.

In addition, the game is nonlinear. Depending on your decisions on some issues (and the order in which you explore), the story can progress along the path a little different, with different key objects in different locations. It's absolutely brilliant and guarantees that you'll want to play the game through more than once.

Of course, there's always room for improvement. I said already the voice acting, which is still terrible. In addition, parts of the game Resident Evil has always had the impression they were just tossed in for no reason. Take, for example, that everyone should be a kind of commando. The hero of Silent Hill is just a regular guy named Harry, and that made the game even scarier. We can not all be skilled workers and military personnel.

The puzzle has always seemed a little too free. If I have a grenade launcher, why do I need to find the "key of Chronos" just to get through a door in a city destroyed? I bet I could even just start to open.

However, the Resident Evil series has maintained its quality better than any other video game trilogy. Too many companies churn as a result of one punch after another without changing a thing, as Command & Conquer, and even worse, like Twisted Metal. Unlike the Tomb Raider series repetitive, every chapter of Resident Evil has managed to be both innovative and captivating. Better than that, all three were scary, and Resident Evil 3 is no exception. Now if only I could get my neighbor embarrassing and pretend he was a zombie.