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Revelations another Resident

Resident Evil is a series that has been around since the begining of playstation and is the autority in horror survivor games. Unfortunately over the years there has been a birrage of  side games that has been pretty bad in terms of being a good game. What counts as a side game you might ask, well a side game is usually not numbered and does not follow the main plot through and through.  Side games are usually set to convey any questions or plot holes in the numerated main story. It's a great way to add additional characters, situations, information etc. that are not directly explained in the main story. With that I'm going to introduce probably the best side game in the entire 10 plus years since the first Resident Evil. This is Revelations.

The game takes place between Resident Evil 4 and 5 and explains a little more into what the BSAA is and does.  If you didn't play or pay attention to Resident Evil 5 the BSAA is a counter Bio-Terrorist organization and their main golden boy is Chris Redfield. In this game you'll find out where they came from and why. But this game is not just about the BSAA's origins, it's about killing zombies right? I use to think that, but now it's more on the lines of a well it's the beginning of a counter bio terrorism organization so I would expect some bio terrorism and in this game you get a full helping of it. Mutations galore and of course dogs, no game would be complete without them.



This awkwardly pronounced word is the reason behind the entire game. It's actually the first self sustaining island that some good for nothing terrorist thought to modify with the addition of lizard men and some run of the mill virus you never really witness. You don't physically explore this amazing island but you do run around in a government building. Yeah Resident Evil was never big on free roam, so expect a lot of point and shot in mini enviorments  one at a time. It works so I'm not disappointed, the style even though has been stagnant from the majority of the games in the series it does not take away from the fear and terror that was reintroduced in this game. See with the close quarted enviornments, scary music, slightly slugish movement because of the limit on the handheld and the genuinely impressive creatures all leads for a great experience throughout.

All and all this game offers great story, 3D graphics, nice online and solo arcade with upgradeable weapons, different costumes and a long barrel magnum or a dirty harry gun is all you need. This game is definitely one of the finer in the Resident Evil side games. Worth the money yes, worth your time yes, worth you being surprised in the power of the 3DS yes. Definitely a game for the fans and the ones just looking for a great addition to a already pretty sweet system.

Resident Evil Revelations(114002)
Credit: Capcom