Homeowners looking to protect their property are moving away from traditional alarms in favor of integrated residential alarm systems for maximum protection. Thieves are becoming more and more sophisticated in their methods and a mere alarm will deter only the most rookie of burglars.

An effective residential alarm system relies on host of preventive measures to deter burglars from breaking into your home, it is in essence a multi-layer security system. A good residential alarm system has various layers of protection that can alert you even before the thieves have tried to break into your house.

The first layer of protection is done with motion sensors and security cameras with remote access. That way when an intruder steps into your property motion detectors pick up movement and a phone call is directly placed to your cell phone to alert you. You can then login to the security company's website and see what happens on your property. In the near future you will be able to do that directly from your smart phone and thus be able to always have an eye on your house. You can then chose to call the police, you will have a nice video of the burglar to help with an eventual criminal case.

A residential alarm system is not just electronic wizardry. It also includes reinforced doors and windows. These are absolutely essential as they are effectively the frontier between the exterior world and your valuable belongings and personal possessions. You should always advertise the fact that your house is protected by a security system as these will deter the casual thieves who will look for an easier prey so to speak.

Very important: always connect your residential alarm system to your door and windows. That way in case of an intrusion authorities and the security company can be contacted but the alarm should NOT go off. Any thief with a little bit of experience doesn't panic at the sound of an alarm and just flee, in fact they know they have a few minutes before police or the security company arrives to do their misdeed.
Here is an old school tip but always effective: store your valuables in a safe! There's little the burglar will be able to do if your prized possessions are safely stored in a safe bolted to the wall. Note that your safe has to be secured either to the wall or ground, otherwise thieves can just carry it away unless it is very heavy.

Days of the simple alarm going off upon intrusion are over. People have become desensitized to house alarms going off. People just assume it is a false alert like always and think nothing of it. Don't count on your neighbors to help much. Nowadays, a multi layer residential alarm system is what is needed to have some chances of preventing burglary and catching the thief, either in the act or later thanks to security camera recordings.