Residential Landscaping Design Ideas


Focusing your home improvement efforts on residential landscape design is a surefire way to build a sense of pride in your home and extra value to your property. When home mortgage refinancing isn't an option improving the value of your home is a good option. Residential landscape design is a way to upgrade a home without the hassle of remodeling. You don't have to live for days and weeks in a state of being upended by the project as you don't do your daily living in the lawn. Because the bulk of all landscaping projects are completed outside your normal everyday life can proceed without interruption.


Landscaping upgrades are also a way of improving your home value in a way that reflects to the outside world. Many home improvement projects can only be recognized by people who go inside of a house. A neighbor or casual street observer won't recognize the added value without doing a complete walkthrough. On the other hand a property with upgraded landscaping appears more valuable to anyone that sees the house from the street. The value is not easily overlooked.


Residential Landscaping Projects


Frontyard Rock Landscape Design Ideas

If you are looking to take on a few landscape design projects to add value and beauty to your home start out with a few simple projects that you can take on yourself. If you have a backyard pool consider focusing on swimming pool landscaping projects such as using decorative concrete to support the value of the pool. Projects such as these can be as simple as adding planters and foliage that is pool appropriate. You can even build your concrete framing for these projects yourself. More extensive projects might be staining or stamping the concrete patio around your pool.


Swimming Pool Concrete Stain Landscaping


Some simple front yard landscaping projects should be taken on as well to round out a property. Building planter boxes in front of the house or raised flower beds around trees can improve curb appeal and installing basic landscape lighting around your focal points and walkways can both add to the visual appeal but can also add to the safety of your property.


Decorative Residential Landscape Lighting


There are of course countless other ways to enhance your residential landscape design. Concrete curbing, driveway resurfacing, sod application, and decorative planting of flowers and shrubbery all have their place. Basic upgrades such as these can add plenty of visual appeal for an affordable price. Especially if you plant low maintenance plant then your yard should be looking good for a long time to come with little afterthought or maintenance.


Sure there are a number of significant landscape design elements that may take more expertise but the basics that you can handle on your own should be the first push to increase home value with home improvement projects via curb appeal. They will have the greatest return on money spent and will be the least intrusive on your time. Residential design is a fine art at the high end but it is simply the art of adding visual appeal to a yard. It does not have to be complicated to look good and it does not have to be out of the reach of the common home owner. Consider taking on a residential landscaping design project for yourself in your next long weekend.