Why You Should Install Residential Outdoor Lighting

You should install residential outdoor lighting for your family's protection and to protect your home and property. Recently, at a crime prevention meeting in our neighborhood, the police were asked, "What can a homeowner do to protect their family and home from burglars?" The first thing the police suggested homeowners do was to, "turn on their lights." Turn on lights whether you are home or not. Have lights on inside your home and outside your home every night.

Do a survey of your residential outdoor lighting - does it do the job? If you answered, yes, excellent. Now all you need to do is to turn them on every night to add that extra layer of protection to home and hearth.

If you answered, no, then read on, and discover the many residential outdoor lighting options available to help you to protect your loved ones and your property.

Choose Your Residential Outdoor Lighting From These Options:

Residential Outdoor Lighting Option – Motion Detector Lights

Motion detector lights make residential outdoor lighting simple. Have your electrician change out your old exterior light fixtures, and replace them with motion detector fixtures that come on when they sense movement, and go off when the movement is no longer sensed. If you do not want the expense of hiring an electrician, then you might want to consider these options. They make an adapter with a sensor in it that you screw into an exterior light socket, and then screw in your bulb. Presto! You have a motion detector light. If you live in rental property, and want to have the benefit of a motion detector light, then you might want to consider purchasing and installing a battery operated motion detector light.

Residential Outdoor Lighting Option – Dusk to Dawn Lights

Dusk to dawn lights make your life easy. They come on at dusk, and turn off at dawn. So, every night your house will be illuminated, and you don't have to do anything. As with the motion detector fixtures, there are many stylish exterior fixtures to choose from if you want to replace one or more of your exterior light fixtures. Be sure to call in a licensed electrician to handle this residential outdoor lighting project for you. Or, you can also purchase an adapter to convert your present exterior fixture to a dusk to dawn light. If you like the elegant look of lights accenting your home at night, then install foundation lights. You can find inexpensive halogen lights that simply plug in; there is no need to call an electrician for this do-it-yourself job.

Residential Outdoor Lighting Option – Low Voltage Landscaping Lights

As you plan the improvements to your residential outdoor lighting, be sure to include some of the low voltage fixtures. They are perfect to add illumination to your walkways and to your driveway. And add them to your garden and garden paths, too. There are many to choose from, and you should be able to find what you need to accent your home and garden. Low voltage fixtures are easy to install, and they make a good do-it-yourself project. Any residential outdoor lighting, even accent lights, may help to persuade a burglar to move on to a house not so well lit.

Residential Outdoor Lighting Option – Solar Powered – Think Green

We have talked a lot about different kinds of electric lights; now, let's talk a little about solar powered lights. They make a great do-it-yourself residential outdoor lighting project since they do not need any electricity. Most solar powered fixtures function as dusk to dawn lights. However, there are some designed with motion detector sensors in them. When you go online to shop for solar powered fixtures, you will see that there are many different styles and sizes available from which to choose. For instance, you can even purchase a streetlight style, which is 80-inches high, for your yard, that is powered by the sun. Solar powered fixtures can be added just about anywhere; they make them for your steps, for your garden, to illuminate your flag at night, and as post toppers for your deck or fence. Or, use them beside your driveway, your sidewalks, and as foundation spotlights.

Solar powered lights are big money savers, too, since you do not need to pay someone to wire and install them, and there is little to no operating cost. The one thing you must consider, though, before adding them to your residential outdoor lighting, is whether you have enough sunlight to charge them and keep them charged.

In Closing

You might want to consider doing a combination of the different types of the above residential outdoor lighting choices. The most important thing to do is to have your house well lit, and to have it lit consistently. For instance, don't just turn on outside lights when you are gone; that would set a pattern that someone watching your home would notice.

Regardless of which of these residential outdoor lighting option you choose – you will be glad you have added this improvement to your home. Remember to always have a licensed electrician do your electrical work, since faulty wiring can lead to a home fire.

If a break-in has occurred in your neighborhood, or in a community near to yours, then you should approach your neighbors, and together, you could form a Neighborhood Watch. In the meantime, collaborate with your neighbors, and look out for each other. Also, have everyone agree to turn on outside lights to help keep the area well lit at night

The cost of adding residential outdoor lighting to your home will be returned to you many times over, if it prevents having your home burglarized.

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