One of the best ways to help keep your home secured is by purchasing residential security gates for driveways. Purchasing driveway security gates are recommended for those with long driveways, who own a lot of land. The larger the property, the easier it is for those to trespass on it. Home security gates in general can help prohibit those from invading onto your property in general. You don't have to worry about dogs going to the bathroom on your lawn, or kids playing in your yard. Extra privacy and security is given with residential security gate systems. Down below are some driveway security gates to purchase for your home. Even residential security gates are expensive, and cost thousands of dollars to purchase.

Mighty Mule Residential Security Gates

Mighty Mule driveway security gates are very easy to find online. You'll find 10 foot, 12 foot, 14 foot, and 16 foot Mighty Mule home security gates online at places like home depot, sears, and lowes. They're wedded steel gates. Some of the advantages of purchasing Might Mule home security gate systems, is that they are do-it-yourself gates that are easy to setup. An installation DVD is included when purchasing. Other accessories that are included are hinges, two gate posts, mounting hardware, and one can of touch up spray paint. These are modern designed residential security gates. Although they're expensive and cost thousands of dollars, these are pretty reasonably priced residential security gates for driveways. The most you'll pay is about $2,500 for the 16 foot security gate. The 10 foot gate is going for prices around $1,600 dollars.

Where Else to Buy Residential Security Gates for Driveways

The Best place to shop for security gates for driveways online is at L.A. Ornamental. They got a variety of custom and automatic security gates to choose from. Wrought iron driveway gates and aluminum driveway gates are available. There are some very unique designed residential security gates that can really add a nice look to your home. One of the most stylish ones to look for is the European Fan Electric Wrought Iron gate. Prices go above $3,000 dollars. Both modern and traditional styles are available to choose from. The Modern Simplicity starts slightly under $2,000 dollars. However, it's a little more for show, rather than for security. It's a very strong and durable gate, but it's not very tall. It wouldn't be very difficult for someone to jump over. If you want modern style and a good home security gate, then the Musical Notes Wrought Iron or Aluminum Driveway Gate is a great product to purchase. Some of the features include adjustable hinges, and a sliding gate that can be customized into a swing gate.

Residential Security Gates For a $1,000 Dollars or Under

Finding driveway security gates under a $1,000 dollars isn't easy. The best place you'll likely find cheap driveway security gates online is at ebay. Ebay is one of the places online to find reasonably priced products. Sometimes they are used products going for well below retail price. On ebay you can purchase the Loons-Drivewy Gates Security that's going for $999. It's a 12 foot residential security gate. However, gates are made out of cedar wood. Something a little different, I suppose. Online at amazon you can purchase a the Estate Swing 16ft Dual Aluminum driveway gate for a great bargain at just $799. It stands at a height of 5 feet and is made from 6061-T6 rust free wrought aluminum alloy. Just a standard residential swing open security gate.