One of the best ways to create residual income without having to create your own products is to join an affiliate program where you can make money by selling other people's stuff. There are hundreds and even thousands of affiliate programs that you can join. Most of them fall into the single sale category however. This means you make money each time you make a sale, but after that, you need to get a brand new customer in order to make more money. This is still considered residual income since you can set up a website, work to drive traffic to it, and sit back and have the sales roll in. However, there is another type of affiliate program that you definitely want to give a try.

A residual income affiliate program is where you are able to make money on an ongoing basis. Think about cellphone companies who collect money from you every single month. The sellers of those services get a cut off of the bill each month. You still need to make that initial sale but the beauty in this type of affiliate program is that you will make money off of the same customers each month for as long as they stay subscribed to whichever service you are selling. If you are an affiliate of a hosting company, you normally get paid once when you first obtain a customer. If you own a hosting service, then every customer you get will be paying you money each month for your services.

There are many different residual income affiliate programs out there for you to choose from but there are a couple of things you will want to consider before joining one and putting in all of that work to attract customers. The first is that the service or product you are selling needs to be something that you truly believe in. It needs to be something that you would buy yourself as well. If you are promoting a service of some sort, it should be something that you use yourself. The next thing you will want to look at is the quality of the service or product. This is important because the more necessary the service or product is, the longer your customers will keep paying and the more money you will be making.

The key advantage of using a residual income affiliate program is that you have some sort of a base pay in a way. Each month, you will know that a certain amount of customers will renew their subscription which means you will get paid a minimum of a certain amount. Compare that to single sales. You really don't know how much you will sell next month. You can project based on past results but you still won't have a base pay. The advantage of those single sales though is that the one time payment is usually much larger than the residual payment that you get with residual type of affiliate programs.

Either way, you will earn residual income. The best thing to do is to aim for both types of affiliate programs. That way, you will get the huge sales months as well as have comfort that you can expect a certain amount of money coming in each month. Residual income, no matter how you obtain it, is the truly the key to financial freedom. One of the best ways to start is with an internet business. You'll need to be able to evaluate an internet business opportunity to make sure it's legit. You can learn about how to start an internet business by simply doing some research.