Earning your first buck online maybe difficult, but keeping up that income for a long time is difficult still. What is however most difficult, is to maintain a considerable, constant income in a residual and if possible, passive fashion. Many people are able to earn this income by some means or the others. Several start with freelance writing, some with PPC, others take on affiliate marketing and some resort to selling.

What is common amongst all these online jobs is that they all need your constant attention and continual work to produce income. In short, you have to dig the well every day to drink water every day.  I was in this same loop some time ago. I worked hard every day and produced results and if I fell ill, I had nothing to show for that day. It was kind of frustrating that I was writing well and working hard and was filling the coffers of people who were probably much less talented that me. This set me thinking and here are the results.

When I first decided to earn my income online, I was riddled with a variety of possibilities. These included residual income as a writer, freelance writing, affiliate marketing, selling stuff on eBay and on my own sites and PPC campaigns etc. Now, that’s a whole spate-ful of things to do, right? For an uninitiated person, it’s a very difficult task to even choose one stream of income that fits him or her. Through this article, I will share with you my journey of becoming a writer, with a very special note to the site Infobarrel which has become a constant stream of income for me.

As a budding entrepreneur and a practically unknown writer, you have some advantages and some very big disadvantages. As far as advantages go, I would like to say that the biggest advantage is that you have the world open to you in the form of Internet. The disadvantage is … you don’t know where to begin!

I will give you a very simple plan for overcoming this small obstacle. I will call it a 3 point plan and there are three main ingredients for this recipe.

1.       Your own personal blog

2.       A free publishing high PR site such as Ezinearticles.com

3.       A profit sharing site such as Infobarrel.com

Now, you will need some Adsense information. For the uninitiated, Adsense is a pay per view advertising scheme from Google. You post ads on your website and Adsense senses the views and Advertisement clicks and pays accordingly. The pay per ad click ranges from $0.02 to $20, though most niches lie on the lower side of the payment spectrum. You will need too first set up a website or blog and then put up some decent content on it before you can actually apply for an Adsense membership. You can also do so using Infobarrel.com

Okay, so once you have your own Google Adsense id, you are ready to go. Sign up with Infobarrel and write high quality articles and publish it on the website. Though you can write on any topic you wish, you may need to do some initial research on Google Adwords if you want to see some fast success.  Articles tend to perform better if you write on topics you are expert on. Also, they achieve more views once they have aged a bit.

You can also build up your content library on your own blog. Put up well researched and meaningful articles. Put up the Adsense ads on your blog. You may want to target some good keywords in order to get the traffic flowing.

Now, in case you are not so great with Search Engine Optimization and keywords etc, then how do you get the visitors to your website/blog and Infobarrel articles? The answer to this is article submission and bookmarking. Article submission to great sites (preferably with high PR and do follow backlinks) like Ezinearticles.com can get you some traffic and lots of link juice.

There are several other ways of getting traffic and back linking. This includes bookmarking it using good bookmarking websites like InfoPirate and SheToldMe. In my opinion, InfoPirate is the best site for doing this. Not only does the site gives some great traffic but also great backlinks. These sites provide a great platform for achieving effective back linking and getting you high quality traffic. Another way to get traffic is including your site and articles’ links in your forum signatures. Contextual and meaningful commenting on relevant sites is also a great way to do this.

This was just a primer on how some very elementary steps can be followed to make good income online. Also, this income can turn out to be residual; if not entirely passive in nature… thus you can keep on reaping its results long after you have worked on it.