The video game Resistance 2 for Playstation 3 is really challenging online. The real bulk of the game is online although there are wonderful solo missions that you can play without being online. I am going to teach you how to play online and get to level 30. Leveling up your character makes beating the game easier as you are able to equip yourself with better weapons, ammo and specials that make things more fun as well.

Things You Will Need

The actual game Resistance 2

Playstation 3

Internet Connection


Lots of Time On Your Hands

Passion For The Game

Basic Hand-Eye Coordination skills

Step 1

You will want to pick a character right off the bat. You don't want to switch between one another because you only level up one player at a time, and if you want to get to level 30 the fastest so you can unlock the ability to create games on new levels, you need to have a strong character who can complete mission easily. You can be a soldier, a special ops, or a medic. I prefer to choose the medic. The reason I choose medic is because the medic has a leach barrel which drains opponents life, while filling up your own. In other words, if you're on your own, you can get hit an infinite amount of time as long as you are able to heal. You also have the advantage of having unlimited primary ammo in your leach barrel. This, combined with the fact that you can get experience points merely for reviving other team members and healing them make the character versitile and able to level up in any situation.

The soldier can put up a shield that will protect him from enemies attacks, however the soldier is dependent upon the special ops for ammo to fill both his gunfire and his shield. Additionally, he's vulnerable to attacks from behind anyways. His gun is very powerful and fires rapidly, but it is not enough to deal out damage if you are unable to guard from damage yourself.

The special ops has the ability to use a scope and shoot from a distance as well as fire out an electrical orb which shocks any nearby opponent. This makes it easy for a special ops to duck behind cover and send out an electrical charge and let the charge do the work. The special ops also gets experience for fueling the soldier with ammo and shield and can often hide behind the soldiers shield himself.

Both the Special Ops and the Soldier can revive players just like the medic, but it takes a much longer amount of time to do so.

Step 2

After choosing which character you will level up, you will want to select a level and difficulty. I like to play at superhuman because there are more enemies and I believe it is more of a challenge, more fun and I'm not sure but I think you get more experience in general. You can create your own game, or join someone else's. I prefer to choose to create my own game. This way you can start the game when you want and basically select how many players you want playing with you. You want a balance between enough to beat the level quickly, but not so much that everyone else gets all the experience points while you sit and watch. For me, the number started around 6 or 7, but then as I got better, the number dropped to about 4 as I could just about beat the game on my own with enough trys if I had to, but it makes sense to have backup and support so you have a much higher chance of beating the game and still can get a lot of experience.

Step 3

Although there are various strategies for soldiers and special ops, I prefer to keep thi limited to what I know best as I have successfully gotten to level 30 as a medic. In the game, there are various strategies to leveling up quickly. Ultimately you will have to constantly decide which one is better and this requires that you are quick thinking and versitile.

When someone gets hit, you often don't want to heal them right away, and when they die you don't neccesarily want to revive them right away. Why? Because if you are able to wait until they die, you are often able to take on most of the enemies by yourself, and then get a bonus for a "spector medic" which is rewarded for consecutive revivals in a short period of time. This is obviously a little self serving, but this isn't a guide on how to win friends and influence people, it's a guide to getting experience points as fast as possible and like it or not, your allies often will stand in the way of that task.

The time to heal is when there are other medics alive that insist on healing, when there are multiple injured players right next to it as you get a bonus for healing 3 people at once, and when the mission depends on it. Or possibly when some annoying guy with a mic just doesn't stop. The same is true for when the time to revive players. However, if you yourself do not do well against a situation or just in general, and your opponents often get injured, there may be more benefits in constantly healing them as you will get a lot of experience points from doing so.

Surviving is often a challenge. One trick is to constantly duck or crouch with the R2 button, and then to stand back up by pressing the R2 button again. This will keep your opponent gussing on where to shoot you, and you can move side to side and dodge the attacks. Another trick is to constantly make sure you are using your leach barrel directly on an opponent so that you constantly are receiving health. Finally, to take down multiple opponents, aim for the ones in the center of a group close to one another as the leach barrel will riccocet and hit multiple enemies within a range.

You will need to learn to revive other players (holding Triangle while standing right above them), while you use your leach barrel to heal and R2 to duck while moving back and forth. This could come at a crucial period of the game where you are the only one left and the only way to heal someone is to stand out in open fire. It is neccesary that you heal yourself more so then try to revive them, you can move in the crossfire as you heal yourself, begin to revive them, and duck out of the way for awhile and then come back when you are fully healed and try again. You may try holding L2 to run by quickly and hold Triangle to heal them even if only a little bit, and then run to cover. Then if you can duck around a corner and heal yourself fully, you can run and try it again until they are revived.

Stand behind the soldiers when they offer shield, but be sure to keep your distance if there is no special ops near by as they could run out of shield at any time, leaving you both exposed.

At times when everyone else is out to battle, but the battle is intense, you may want to stand completely free and come in and play the hero later as you shoot from the distance and cover. As a medic you are crutial towards the victory of the level, so you need to at times stay alive.

Other times, the exact opposite strategy is true. You need to run ahead of everyone so that you can scope the area out, find areas where you can cover, and try to take out anyone you can. If you die, you have a solider and a special ops behind you ready to come in with their shields and revive you. You have the ability to heal yourself with your weapon, but they don't. If they venture too far into unknown territory and they get ambushed and attacked, it may be difficult to save them, and the mission may be lost. On the other hand, if you run out and get attacked, they can use their shields to gradually approach you in a safe manner provided you dont venture too far. Often times they may save you and die themselves. If this is the case, you need to make a quick decision on whether to run away to cover while you can, or stand ground and heal them back while trying to take out whatever enemy you can.

Special ops will often provide you with grenades. These can be very useful if used right. Ideally you want to be on high elevation throwing past the first line of opponents right into the middle so that your grenade can attack as many as possible at once. It's very important that when you throw a grenade you stand clear of everyone else as they can block your grenade and you end up with your own grenade in your face. You should also jump in the air just before your throw the grenade to make sure you can throw it from a high enough elevation, and aim downward. Some people may prefer to arch it and throw it a long ways but this requires more skill, and isn't always better.

Step 4

After each level and before each new game starts, you have the option to upgrade weapons if you are leveled up far enough and have enough gray tech to do so. In order to get graytech you need to beat levels, get far and at times collec the graytech after defeating enemies. So you should make sure to move onto new levels after you have collected all the graytech in a particular level. You should always buy the new weapon and armor immediately because if you play well you will always have enough gray tech. As you level up you will be rewarded with secondary weapons and specials such as "pheonix of life" which allows you the ability to revive yourself if your special is charged before you die, and if you are the last one to die it automatically will bring you back if it is charged and you will have one last chance to save your friends and defeat the badguys unless you can charge your special up yet again. This is the last special you will get, but the most valuable. I will keep the others a secret.

You can use a microphone to help instruct other players if you want to take on the leadership role and tell them when to stay away and fall back and when to press on, but I never used one in getting to level 30 myself, although it certainly can be useful. Additionally, You can insist that people revive you and they often will if not simply to get you to shut up about it. You can also tell them to stop shooting so you can heal yourself by finishing off the last of the enemies if you don't have a medic.


Tips & Warnings

A warning is to avoid playing this game as it can tend to be addicting, exciting and fun, and may consume most of your time. If you do play it, consistently playing it for only a couple hours a day or less is suggested. Be sure to understand the warnings provided by the game as people prone to seizures may want to avoid playing this game because of the constant light flashes.

Avoid throwing your controller through the TV screen regardless of whether it's in pure joy of victory or anguish of defeat as it can be costly to damage your TV set. Remember, it's only a game.

If you find a particular player that you feel you work well with, you may wish to add him as a friend and constantly invite him to play with you so that you can get in the habit of playing together and complimenting each other's styles. You may orginize playing together at the same time every day so that you can level up together and always have your regular group.

If you should choose that you want to take another character such as the soldier or special ops to level 30, you probably want to do so after you have unlocked every level and gotten to 30 on one as it will be easier to level up in the more difficult levels.

There are a few cheats that will allow you to level up quickly. You need another player willing to help you. If you are a medic, you injure yourself with a grenade and then have someone revive you and do the same thing. The special ops will have to provide you with grenades, from which he will level up. If you are the soldier I don't believe their are any tricks, but if you are special ops, you can provide someone like a soldier with ammo as he continues to waste his ammo and shield to help you out. This is pretty boring and I would warn against trying it as it may make you bored.