It's been reported that school leavers are increasing as worries of large student debt loom over the option of attending a university. With that said, the quality of school leavers is said to be increasing as well; all A-level students that are motivated and forward-thinking, but because of economical concerns and student debt, they are skipping school and opting for apprenticeships and entry level positions in hopes of advancing in knowledge within the profession and earning a livable salary. And although graduates will usually see higher starting salaries, the competition for these positions is fierce. School leavers who typically do well academically see the challenges some face and so try to seek employment early. If you're looking for school leaver jobs, here are a few sites dedicated to finding employment opportunities for school leavers.

Career Builder

Finding school leaver jobs can be tough, so to help streamline your job hunting efforts, Career Builder offers tools, recommends jobs and presents sound career advice for anyone in the job market. Be able to upload your CV so that you can receive the top matched job openings for you without having to search high and low. They currently boast of having the largest database of job positions in the UK. They have various sectors like banking, nursing, IT, retail, education, marketing and many more. They serve various cities in the UK as well as many other places around the world. Still though, even if this is the largest job search engine site in the UK, there are still more sites that can help with their own set of perks.

This site is aimed at helping students and graduates find suitable jobs, locate internships and apprenticeships, part-time/temp work and offers a community via their facebook page with interesting articles (like how one company requires 200 pounds a day for internships) and discussion via user comments. They also help with personal finance with articles the explain how to fund your Gap Year Just join to become a member and receive all the benefits associated with the site.

This is another interesting site for school leavers offering tons of resources for the job search. Find attractive listings like Logica's Sponsored Degree Programme which allows you to work at the IT company receiving a decent salary and benefits while having your college education paid for. Just go to school one day a week and work at Logica completing projects and receiving on-the-job experience. They list their vacancies with a simple to understand traffic light with green indicating the company is taking positions and red meaning they aren't. They also list upcoming events on exhibitions for careers, apprenticeships and other opportunities. Creating an account to NotGoingtoUni will place you in line of receiving tons more information and advice specifically directed toward school & college leavers. This site has been featured on BBC News, Metro, Guardian and other publications and news media shows.

School Leaver Jobs

Getting involved with more than one site and testing to see which one works best for you is a wise move. You'll never know what resources have to offer if you don't use them. Whatever path you decide to take (going to college or becoming a school leaver), be sure that you're smart about your finances, continuing to learn be opent to new things while staying the forward-thinker you are! There are startling statistics out there that claim that students can owe thousands of pounds of debt (up to 25,000) if they choose to go to a university. Weighing your options carefully and being mindful of your own financial situation is a good way to avoid any disastrous scenarios due to lack of prudence.