Love and Respect Works Hand in Hand

They say that in every man’s list inside a relationship that at the very core of what he is, the number one on his list is he wants respect (besides sex). For women, it is love that takes number on their list. Back in the day when people got married, the men vowed “Love Honor and Cherish” and the women vowed “Love Honor and Obey.”

Sad to say that the true meaning of the word obey in that context has been lost. That word comes from the Latin word obobedio-(ire) which means to listen to, actually means “to listen to”. In other words, men wanted to be listened to which utterly leads to thought of being respected. Women, on the other hand, want/need to be cherished might as well as how men would like to be listened onto--- just one of the fundamental differences between a man and a woman. Not saying that women don’t want to be equally respected like how men are, but in cherishing a woman, you respect her needs and desires. When these needs are met, both parties apparently feel the love between them.

 Most of man's complaints in regard to their wives are either because they don't get sex or they feel disrespected, or that her behavior feels or sounds disrespectful. Same goes for women when don’t feel love and being appreciated. Many people do not understand the difference between Love and Respect. Love is a feeling or emotion, as everyone already knows about that--- and Respect is how you show it. They both go hand in hand. When people start looking within and realizing their own true nature and also learn to trust love over fear, then and only then will people truly love and respect each other. It takes people to work on themselves to realize their own fears and limitations. It is not something that is going to rain down on earth like an outside weather situation. No one can wave a magic wand and suddenly produce world love and respect. People look to other people and leaders to provide this kind of security but it is a false security. Each person is responsible for their own growth and development. This includes their own thought process, experience and their hearts. When each and every person can learn to do this and actually does do this, then there will be more love and respect for each other.

All a person can do is work on themselves. By doing this, hopefully, others will learn from the example and eventually the world will be a better place for one another.