If you are in a relationship and want it to continue in a positive way, it is important to respect your loved ones.  There are many great ways to show them the respect that they deserve.  Treating them right and showing them you can is important to keep a strong bond in a relationship.

Negotiate: In the real world you won’t always get what you want.  While it is not right for the other person to always get what they want and have you miss out on things, it is important to negotiate.  Your loved one may pick an event for date night.  If it is something that you absolutely do not like, try to negotiate.  Don’t pick a fight with the other person.  Find something in the middle that both of you can enjoy doing together.  Perhaps you can try something that neither one of you has done before.

Listen: Don’t interrupt someone when they are trying to speak.  If you want to respect your loved ones it is important to listen and value their opinion.  They have the right to get out how they are feeling and you should show respect for them when they do so.

Talk it Out: If there is ever an argument between you two, it is important to talk it out.  Sit down together and start by saying that it isn’t meant to start an argument, but there is something on your mind.  Understand the other person’s feelings when you are speaking and give them the chance to say how they feel about it as well.  The most important tool here is to keep your voices calm while you are talking things out.  Communication is key in any relationship.

Avoid Abuse: Whether it is emotional or physical abuse, it is important to avoid both of them.  You should act the same way in which you would like to be treated.  If you would like to be treated with the upmost respect, then you should show it in your actions both physically and emotionally.  Refrain from calling others names and showing signs of aggression.

Role Model: You may think that role models are someone older than you that you can look up to.  However, you can be a good role model to your spouse or others equal to you.  Make good choices so they can follow in your footsteps and together you can live a positive life.

Trust: Not trusting someone can lead to betrayal and arguments.  If your loved one tells you something it is extremely important to trust them unless you have evidence to prove otherwise.  Trust that they are going where they say they are going.  Many relationships fail because of the lack of trust and sneaking around the other person’s back.

There are many ways you can keep the respect in your relationship whether it is between your significant other, your family or your friends.  You and your loved ones both deserve equal respect and it should really be taken seriously in all relationships.