For the decades that United States' servicemen, and women, have worn many variations of the military uniform, they have served countless purposes in a proud history of both service and sacrifice. No matter which service branch of their affiliation, it is clearly not so uncommon for these men, and women, to encounter several different, branch-specific, uniforms throughout their respective careers. Whether they are engineered specifically to endure the harsh environment of our most recent combat theatres of Iraq and Afghanistan, or they are constructed solely to embody celebration, victory, and triumph, military uniforms hold a sacred place in a proud history amongst all the service branches.

At the heart of the most decorated combat veteran's military uniform is a strong familiarity with the trials and tribulations that were required in order to adorn their dress uniform, in the first place. Each individual medal, ribbon, and designation of rank, is a clear indicator of, not just the physical battles, but also of the internal combat required to live everyday with the loss of friends and family: a brotherhood that has remained through their enduring of countless conflicts, that resonates with permanence through their hearts and minds.

On the right shoulder of a United States' Army uniform can be found a patch that identifies an individual's unit of affiliation while serving in a combat theatre overseas. While this particular patch may vary significantly with the soldiers own personal experience, a common bond can be found amongst the service men and women who have had the honor to bear this combat patch, irregardless of the countless variations available. Whether shaped as a circle, a box, or some irregular figure with a number or an inanimate object permeating its bold borders, its existence embodies honor and patriotism in a way that no other military patch can.

Accompanying the appraised combat patch are numerous other elaborate objects, and devices, that can make any military uniform an article of great intrigue, and, not to mention, envy. From the lowliest, rookie, private to the most decorated four-star General, the military uniform exudes pride in so many ways that has become the subject of great esteem amongst fellow servicemen, and women, as well as, everyday civilians. While they may have never served in the military, themselves, it's extremely easy to be fascinated, not only by the elaborate decoration of these uniforms, but, also, by the years of dedicated experiences that has gone into serving their country proudly.

Above all, in firm step with a time-honored military tradition, the sanctity of any military uniform should be held in the highest of esteem. To desecrate it, in any way, is highly comparable to burning our nation's great flag. Even in the earliest days of a soldier's basic combat training, they are taught about the wear, and care, of the uniform. To adorn its fabric, and accompanying devices, is truly an honor that has endured for decades and will continue to stake a solid place in United States' military history.

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