comfortable solid no-frills venue

solid family restaurant where you can sit for hours

hearty warm food and generous portions


overpriced for what we were getting

painfully slow service

superior dining options exist elsewhere in Times Square NYC

Full Review

Applebee's is one of the most prominent restaurants in Times Square New York.

Applebee's is a decent experience if you are looking for something familiar and comfortable, but if you are in NYC, there's no point in going to another chain restaurant when New York has so many other unique experiences to offer.

I came to Applebee's Times Square NYC for Happy Hour and drinks and was underwhelmed by the experience. Although there was a happy hour special on beer and wings, I was disappointed to find that there was no special on cocktails or wine. I would have gotten more for my money at the Russian Vodka Room where I would have only had to pay $3 for a flavored vodka.

Despite having arrived relatively early (around 5pm when the restaurant was virtually empty), the service was painfully slow and unattentive. I spent ten minutes trying to flag down the bartender just to order a second drink.

When my friends arrived, we opted to move to a table since the service at the bar was so slow. That proved to be a big mistake. We spent another fifteen minutes waiting for a waitress to come to our table. I was finally able to flag her down, but all she did was hand us menus and left before I even had a chance to ask her if we could order nachos.

We were finally able to get the attention of the hostess who was able to flag down another waitress. Once the waitress arrived, she did apologize. She expalined that she had seen us with drinks and assumed we had been taken care of.

Once the food finally arrived, it was actually decent. The food was hot and hearty, though the portions were way too big and overpriced. I wish they had the option of ordering half portions. The appetizer was more than enough to count as a full meal.

It was an eye-opening experience to see the calorie listings on the menu items. Some of the appetizers had nearly 2000 calories! Still, for a once in awhile splurge, a little indulgence isn't so bad.

I was happy with the chili cheese nachos, buffalo wings, and apple pie. I liked the fact that the apple pie came in a hot plate.

When the bill came, I was reminded that we were indeed dining in Times Square New York. For that price, we could have had a more unique dining experience at a venue such as Ruby Foo's. Still, I had a good time with good friends at Applebee's NYC.

In Closing

Applebee's Times Square NYC is your standard fare family restaurant with solid all-American food with generous calorie-laden portions. It's a good place if you are looking for a comfortable staple. Still, given the many eclectic dining options in NYC, you might want to spend your meal elsewhere.

Applebee's is comfortable and good for what it is, but there are restaurants in NYC with superior service, better food, and better value for the price.