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Restorable Muscle Cars For Sale - Finding Classics

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When you are checking out restorable muscle cars for sale, it may help to know exactly what to look out for, where to find them, and how much you can expect to pay. This type of auto restoration project can be really expensive, but very rewarding. You may even be able to turn over a serious profit, especially if you are willing and able to do most of the work on your own. There are many ways to cash in on restorable muscle cars for sale, which we will examine.

Classic auto auctions:

You can find restorable muscle cars for sale in a number of different places, both online, and in person. You will find no real shortage of options here, since there are many more fixable classic autos out there than many folks realize. Perhaps the single best place to look is classic auto auctions. While the deals on restorable muscle cars for sale can be enticing, there are some things you should do to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Determine your top dollar before you bid: When you begin to bid on restorable muscle cars for sale through classic auto auctions, you will find it really easy to get caught up in a bidding war, if you are not careful. By setting a top price before the bidding starts, and making sure you stick to it, you can help to ensure you get the best possible deal at classic auto auctions. It may help to look at the classic auto blue book value to give you an idea.

Anticipate needed repairs: Any project like this will cost lots of money, even if you do the work on your own. By anticipating the repairs needed, you can help set your top dollar price, so you don't overpay for any restorable muscle cars for sale, especially if you are looking at junk classic autos.

Don't skip out during bad weather: Bad weather, especially during outdoor classic auto auctions, will keep the wimps home. This means less competition for you, possibly allowing you to get the best deal possible on the restorable muscle cars for sale that catch your attention. Follow good auction advice and you'll do fine.

Typical auction find


This is a virtual goldmine when you are looking at restorable muscle cars for sale. Keep in mind that many local junkyards will not advertise online. For this reason you may wish to check your local yellow pages, so you can make sure you keep all your options open. You are going to be looking at some very rusty, very ugly classics. If you are looking to find great deals on restorable muscle cars for sale, the junkyards in your area are a great place to look.

While the junkyards can be quite appealing to those checking out the classics, you will really need to make sure you know what you are getting into. Many of these vehicles have been completely stripped, leaving little more than a frame and a few basic body parts. Still, this could be the best way to get started on your new custom classic project. You will find no shortage of restorable muscle cars for sale when you check out your local junkyards.


You can really find some great deals on restorable muscle cars for sale with several online sites. There are some tricks with buying any large item online, include classic autos. When you search online, you must make sure you stay locally, whenever possible. Can you imagine how much shipping would cost if you bought a classic auto online? It would likely cost more than the vehicle. Let's take a look at some of the better places to look at restorable muscle cars for sale.

eBay: This site is really great because you can sort your results geographically. This allows you to make sure you only check out the classics that are within a reasonable driving distance. When you are looking at restorable muscle cars for sale, it makes sense to keep your travel to a minimum, so you can save some money.

Craigslist: You can also check the results of restorable muscle cars for sale locally, so you can limit the amount of travel you need to find the bargains on classic autos.

Other online sites: No matter where you go online, you are likely to get many results. Try adding the state you live in when you use the search engines to look at restorable muscle cars for sale. You will find that you can get much more narrow results this way.

At the junkyard

Best tips:

When you are searching for restorable muscle cars for sale, you really have a few basic things you need to be sure of. If you fail in any of these categories, it could make your classic very costly.

Title: Make sure you have a clear title, or have the ability to get one, with any vehicle, including the classics. This is really one of the very most important things you must consider with restorable muscle cars for sale.

Matching numbers: This refers to making the engine is original. This is sort of tricky, since some restorable muscle cars for sale can have replacement engines that actually add value. Be sure to use caution, however, anytime you find numbers that don't match.

Two doors: Generally speaking, classics are worth more with 2 doors, not 4 doors. This is very surprising to many people. If you are looking to make an investment, and ever intend to resell the vehicle, you will definitely want to stick to 2 door models whenever possible.

Look low: You want to look at the bottom of the vehicle more carefully than the top when you are checking out restorable muscle cars for sale. Check the frame to make sure it's not too rusty, or holed. You are searching for rust, so if you plan a frame up complete project, you may not be quite as concerned. Still, when you are looking for restorable muscle cars for sale, it really helps to look low.

Original: Anything original is generally better, with just a few exceptions. An original interior, even if major repairs are needed, will generally be more valuable than unoriginal interiors. The same can be said for almost all other parts of the classic vehicle. This is really key when you are checking out restorable muscle cars for sale.

What a ride!


Dec 11, 2009 1:24am
Great article. We have renovated a few articles but have had more bad luck than good with them. Someone scratched right down one side the first day we took it out. And my husband spent 4 years doing a ford freighter I think it was a 1956. It was all done with running boards with tool boxes and smoke stacks and the painter finished painting it. Then while towing it to railyard for us to pick up it started to fishtale and he lost it into a lamp post. After Thousands of dollars and millions of hours it was a right off. And it was not insured. 000h. gee it was frustrating.
I wrote an article on hub pages about it. anyway good article. Thanks
Dec 13, 2009 1:17am
Neat. Wish I had the skills, tools, time, and money to do mine.
Aug 12, 2010 7:25pm
I think I should probably sell mine and let someone else work on it. It is in way better shape than the photos here. Wish I could bring myself to sell it.
Aug 15, 2010 9:10am
Yeah, I think a lot of people almost view their cars as children. It's tough to do. But, luckily, these aren't like normal cars where the value goes down. At least as you hold on to it, the value can go up.
Sep 8, 2010 1:46am
It is great post.thanks for sharing a great article.i have also some others cars which are awesome in features.
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