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Restore Skin Elasticity

Top Ways to Restore Skin Elasticity

The loss of skin elasticity happens invariably to all of us due to the natural aging process and gravity and happens from a host of conditions around us or that we do to ourselves including the weather and pollutants in the environment and sun damage to our diet, illness, smoking and dehydration and even the products we put on our face and body daily. This leads to our skin showing signs of aging from fine or deep wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of elasticity and the bounce that turgor gives.

By contrast, young skin is radiant, firm, smooth, soft, glowing and dewy and resilient. Resiliency and bounce of the skin is mainly attributed to the skin elasticity also known as skin turgor.
You can restore skin elasticity of your hands and body a little each day with these tips and begin to look younger again for improved overall health and wellness as well as improved self esteem.


Things You'll Need to Restore Skin Elasticity

Fluids – Drink more water

Healthy, balanced diet

Sun Protection

Anti aging products

Firming Exercises


Drink more water for skin elasticity

Hydration will make you look younger

Drink water. Since the body is made of more water than anything else and we lose water daily through perspiration or exercise, those lost amounts needed replenished and we need extra to keep the skin hydrated. The recommended amount of water you should drink every day depends on your height, weight and activity level. It is typically between 6-8 8oz glasses per day. Use a water calculator to find out much water you should be drinking every day. You may be surprised at how little water you really drink.

Choose a healthy, balanced diet for skin elasticity

Include more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables in your well balanced diet for optimal nutrition and skin elasticity. The Food Pyramid is a helpful guide if you're unsure of how many servings per day you really need.

Sun Protection

Wear sunscreen and sunglasses for protection

Protect the skin at all times while outdoors with appropriate sunscreen of SPF of 30 that blocks both harmful and aging AVB and UVB rays of the sun. The sun is drying and damaging resulting in reduced elasticity. Avoid aging skin that looks old, dry, leathery and wrinkled with proper sun protection. Reapply sunscreen every 30 minutes while outdoors for the best protection and make sure to use a proper dosage of sunscreen – usually a full ounce per application! This is one of the highest rated natural sunscreens on that you may love too. Wear protective clothing and sunglasses for additional protection from the sun.

Skin care during showering/bathing

Use warm water for showering and bathing as it safer and much better than hotter water. Hot water tends to dry, burn and damage skin further. Warm water also opens the pores allowing cleansers to penetrate more deeply. Pat dry after showering and apply moisturizers all over.

Include antiaging treatment products to restore skin elasticity

Include antiaging treatments to your daily and weekly skincare regime to restore elasticity that include the top ingredients such as:

Vitamins A, C and E are known to improve softness, clarity and health of the body's largest organ.
Peptides- organic amino acids that are the building blocks of protein for nutrition.
Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) is not an acid but, made from sugar beets/soy - a humectant that regulates the level of hydration or moisture level of the skin, plumps as well as allowing cells to retain water in moisturizers to the deepest layers.
Antioxidants- vitamins, mineral and enzymes that protect the skin from oxidation and free radical damage.

Natural moisturizers such as soybean, wheatgerm, shea butter, cucumber, aloe vera, apricot kernel oil, oatmeal, honey, avocado oil, carrot seed oil to name a few.
Glycolic acid - an alpha-hydroxy acid made from sugar cane or unripe grapes used to exfoliate and remove dry, dead cells.
Salicylic Acid - beta hydroxyl acid naturally occurring in wintergreen leaves, sweet birch or select plants. Salicylic acid helps to re-establish our normal cell replacement cycle.
Retinol- a vitamin A derivative that helps to boost collagen levels and reduce visible signs of aging.

These ingredients can be costly for companies to add to products so make sure that they are listed high in the ingredient list on the packaging to know you're getting the best ingredients. The lower on the ingredient list, the less of it in your product!

Use skincare products for your skin type every morning and evening

Follow a regular skincare regime every morning and evening to restore skin elasticity that includes the most pure, natural ingredients to nourish, moisturize and hydrate skin. Avoid chemicals and harmful ingredients such as mineral oil that blocks pores, alcohol that dries skin, irritants that cause skin irritations and rashes, artificial fragrance that can irritate skin and animal by-products that can cause allergies and dermatitis. Try Eminence Natural Organics below.

Before you consider Botox, please read: Botox Alternatives

 Firming Exercise to restore skin elasticity

Getting at least 30 minutes of firming exercises daily will help to tone and tighten the body and to restore skin elasticity for overall health and wellness as well as to look younger.

Top Anti aging Ingredients

Neck Lift Exercises

Following these tips routinely should increase elasticity within 30 days although you may see results sooner or later. Just stay with it and don't give up. Find available moments throughout the day to do some neck lift exercises, push ups, arm curls etc. They all add up to a firmer and smoother you.

Follow the trends and research the brands you use as new ingredients are added often to boost health as we continue to learn from Mother Nature and new ways to restore elasticity that will help you feel better and look younger.

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