Do You Need Super Lutein?

Have you noticed your vision becoming blurrier as the years go by? If so, it's probably a good idea for you to look into lutein for the eyes. Many seniors have used Super Lutein improve the health of their eyes as they begin to deteriorate. If you are struggling with your vision, this supplement could be what you need to get back to the old days of better eye health.

Understanding What Lutein Is

Super Lutein comes packed with five different carotenoids, nutrients that are essential to the human body. Other ingredients include refined fish oil, extracts from black currants, blueberries, beeswax, vitamin e, gelatin, glycerin, and marigolds. It also has in it wheat germ oil, carotene, tomato lycopene, gardenia, and the vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12.

Know The Benefits Of Super Lutein

It not only improves eyesight, but it also helps other organs in the body to function better, like the stomach, kidney, liver, and uterus, as well as the skin and the head. While lutein is very important to the body, we do not actually naturally produce it. We normally take it in via our food, such as leafy green vegetables like kale, but in the case that our diet is not enough, the antioxidant can be taken in a supplement.

Improve Your Sight With Lutein

Decide How To Increase Your Lutein Intake

A lot of research and testing has been put into this nutrient as of late, because of the possibilities that it holds for reversing ocular damage. With an increase in the amount of lutein in their diet, a person in their 80s could enhance their vision until their eyes were as healthy as they had been when they were a much younger adult. A diet full of foods like cabbage, collards, kiwi, pumpkin, and zucchini is sure to provide your body with a steady source of lutein. The best source of all is spinach, however, as it also contains Vitamins E and C, folate, beta carotene, and other nutrients.

The Benefit Of A Lutein Supplement

With a supplement, your body will be provided with enough of the nutrient to re-establish its natural balance. Eye specialists have agreed that a regular intake of the proper dosage, 6 mg a day, will correct vision to a noticeable degree. That 6 mg is the equivalent of eating 2 bowls of raw spinach.

Other Lutein Supplements

A supplement other than Super Lutein is Ocuvite. It contains not only lutein, but also copper, zinc, vitamins E and C, and other nutrients and minerals that will help your body function better. Talk to your doctor to determine whether it is time for a lutein supplement before selecting between the two.

Lutein Benefits