The Plus size clothing industry is booming, profits have risen fast for clothes shops that sell plus size clothes. This is mainly because the UK adult population is also growing fast not only in numbers but in their clothing sizes as well. The average size in the UK is reaching the old average Woman’s size which was a size 14 with more and more Women in the UK already above this size.

Stores have recognised that for many years there has been a lack of stores that offer their customers cheap clothes that are plus size, and the retailers have seen a gap in the marketplace and seized their opportunity to increase their profit margins.

Many high street stores have expanded their ranges to include plus size clothes, and this has been a smart move. Because of the lack of supply in the market place profit margins are a lot higher for plus size clothing and the high street stores profits have boomed even in recent recession.

For Women today being a plus size is no longer a social stigma, gone are the days when plus size meant ugly. Today being a little curvy is sexy and stylish,  Men have grown tired with stick thin models that are all over the papers theses days. .

Year in year out more and more new labels are providing plus size selections in their stores so it is starting to become easier to find that perfect outfit. These stores are also offering plus size clothing on their websites which is another area that is expanding fast because it is so easy for customers to clothing on the Internet these days.

The only drawback to shopping online is you can't try on the clothes before you buy, this should not put you off. You will find most online clothes shops will offer a comprehensive size guide you just need to know your own body measurements before you buy.

Women of all shapes and sizes just want to look their best, they want to feel sexy and feel self-confident. It is amazing at how much confidence a Woman can gain when she feels comfortable in the clothes she is wearing.

Women all over the Globe no matter what size should have equal opportunities, this statement should apply to fashion as well. The plus size woman does look as stylish and gorgeous as the tall Woman with the supermodel shape. 

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