Retired or Re-tired?

This seven-lettered word “retired” ushers a myriad of feelings. Retired! What a relief from the stress and worry of the working life. Your immediate response is to take a deserving rest and go do all those things in life that you yearned for and enjoy your "never-ending" holidays!

After this exciting period of leisure and freedom, you come to your senses again, to live the real life. Then come the boredom of doing nothing and the sudden loss of "friends and business associates" who have suddenly forgotten you. If you were holding an important position prior to your retirement, this will hit you hard and knock you off from your make-shift high pedestal. You are now sadly a "nobody" in the eyes of commercialism. After awhile you begin to feel the pinch of your daily expenses, eating into your precious savings. Now you have done a full cycle savouring the "joys" of retirement. You start to feel a bit of stress and a bit of worry of a retired life. You feel "re-tired" as before you retired! I hope this is not you. For people who fall under this category may die prematurely due to boredom, frustration and anxiety! Not a joke.


Retire joyfully

Retire joyfully

Maybe not that bad

Perhaps, this is not the typical example of a retiree's saga. But this scenario is quite possible. As for me, I did not get to savour the "typical" joy of retirement. Ever mindful of the financial constraint, I live a very simple and frugal but healthy lifestyle. Pity my poor wife. Luckily she has two caring and loving sisters to keep her sane. As I am a very simple person, I am actually enjoying my simple lifestyle, with the internet as my constant and reliable companion. I survey the world and communicate with the world community in the comfort of my home. I write when I feel like it, I read when I feel like it, and I have the pleasure of answering questions for those who care to ask me. The wonders of the internet are beyond imagination.

Retire joyfully

Retire joyfully(131825)

Retirement is "quiet" fun.

Sitting in front of the computer for long hours is not a very good venture for the physical body. So one has to be careful to allocate sufficient time for rest and exercise. I spend quite a lot of time in my small garden, weeding and pruning and doing a thousand other chores. Gardening is a never-ending pursuit, and keeps one healthy. Thanks to the weeds! Apart from that, I also practise qigong, yoga and many other exercises to keep myself fit and healthy.

Come to think of it; retirement is quite fun; or is it "quiet fun"?